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My Favorite Detoxing Teas/ Chai Tea

Chai Tea is one of my favorite detox teas and I'm excited to share ALL of these great Chai teas blends with you. Wait until you see all of these and oh how I wish you could smell them right now! Are you a tea lover like me?  Shop Pekoe Sip House for the perfect Chai Tea bundle created just for tea drinkers like yourself! Get 33% off the Spiced ... Watch Video »

3 Cancer Causing Foods To NEVER Eat

“You are what you eat.” We’ve heard it so many times. We work hard to make sure the food we put into our bodies is filled with the vitamins and minerals we need to be fit and strong. We exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, a lot of us are also eating things that aren’t good for us, and that may be doing us real ... Read More »

Apple Cider Vinegar (and the big deal about “The Mother”)

Are you the type of person who “Googles” to get answers to health questions? If so, you may have come across apple cider vinegar as a cure. Some people think it’s not good for anything but use in salad dressings. After all, it doesn’t have high levels of vitamins or minerals. But a lot of people use it for their hair or their skin. Others swear ... Read More »

Actual Tea VS Herbal Tea (yes, there’s a difference)

Imagine you're sipping the perfect cup of chamomile brew. Question: Are you sipping "tea?" Technically, the answer is NO!! Why is that? Well, to call a drink ''tea'' it should come from the plant camellia sinensis. In the case of the chamomile, it's not actual tea leaves, but made from herbs, added to hot water. What is actual ... Read More »

People Who Ate THIS Chocolate Every Day Were 10% Calmer

The truth is that you probably don’t need to be convinced to eat dark chocolate. It’s one of the world’s most delicious foods. But beyond its delightful taste, eating dark chocolate has some very real health benefits. That doesn't mean to reach for the nearest chocolate bar and celebrate. You want to be sure you're eating at least 60-80% cacao. ... Read More »

Do You Have Metabolic Syndrome? (5 Questions can tell)

Metabolic syndrome is a serious health threat. Over 3 million Americans meet the criteria and are at risk. Wondering how can you find out if you're one of them? Someone who has metabolic syndrome will answer “yes” to at least 3 of these 5 questions: 1. Do you have abdominal obesity (when your waist measures 40” or more for men or 35” ... Read More »

Add A Few Threads of This Exotic Spice to Your Tea (7 reasons)

Have you ever made a shopping list for a recipe that contained saffron and found yourself knocked out by the price? Saffron is hands down the world’s most costly spice, it compares with the price of gold and there’s a good reason why. Saffron comes from some of the world’s most exotic locations – Kashmir, Greece and Morocco. It’s produced by ... Read More »

6 Signs You Have Leaky Gut and What to Do About It

Leaky gut is a condition that has only recently been getting much attention. Some doctors still don’t treat it like it's a real thing, which is a shame. For those who are suffering from the symptoms, understanding what's causing the problem and learning how to treat it has been a huge relief that has restored their quality of life. What is ... Read More »

4 Reasons to Sip Dandelion Tea

Most of you are familiar with the term ''detox'' by now. Detoxifying or detox in short is the process of getting rid of toxins that have built up inside your body. There are a ton of options out there for detoxing. This includes harsh diets and dangerous cleanse programs. Those detoxes can deprive your body of nutrients and can weaken you. This ... Read More »

What’s Tamarind and Why Should I Care?

If you eat a lot of Asian cuisine, you may be familiar with tamarind sauce or chutney. It has a sweet yet tangy taste which enhances the flavor of the dish. Super delicious and just wait until you hear all the healthy things it does for your body! What is Tamarind? Tamarind is a tree that grows in tropical countries. India is the largest ... Read More »