Drink This Yummy Bacteria Daily To Boost Immunity

Did you realize you have nearly 30 feet of intestines in your body?

And…what's more, a whopping 70-90% of ALL of your immune system resides in your gut.

Now you know why Probiotics are such a hot topic. More on the very best way to get them in a minute.

Probiotics are strains of bacteria that promote healthy gut flora. It lines the entire intestinal tract.

If your flora is in good working order, the rest of your body will be too. If it is out of whack, your health is being compromised.

Trust your gut feeling

When your gut flora is healthy, you have a stronger immune system and are better able to absorb nutrients.

Better nutrient absorption leads to

  • more energy
  • improved brain function and
  • more physical strength.

Far too often people have a problem with malabsorption, which is one of the main reasons for illness.

What should I do to get enough probiotics?

Supplements can be ideal but do your research to find a reputable one and while it's always easiest to get probiotics through quality foods and beverages, I highly recommend Earth Echo Probiotic


Kefir is one of the very best ways to get your probiotics.

It’s considered a beverage but it’s more like a crossbreed between a beverage and food.

It has a yogurt-like consistency but isn't as thick. You'll even hear it called drinkable yogurt.

It derives from fermenting milk with grains made up of yeast and bacteria.  You can find it in the dairy section of any health food store.

If you have allergies or are vegan, try an alternative version made from coconut, rice or soy milk. There's even a version made from water.

Aside from the digestive attributes of kefir, it is also a complete protein, it’s high in protein and it’s a good source of calcium.

You need calcium for strong bones and teeth, and it also aids in fat burning! 

Just be leery of the kefirs that contain added sugar.

Although they might be high in probiotics, the sugar content can have a canceling effect.

Opt for plain, organic kefir instead.

Use it in smoothies like the one below, mix it with granola or just take it straight. Kefir has a tangy flavor that grows on you in a short amount of time.


You also have the option of just flavoring it yourself. Pour some in a glass and add a drizzle of a healthy sweetener like honey or maple syrup. Stir it up and you’re good to go.

Other options

Yogurt is a good choice. It too contains probiotics, but not as much as kefir. Just be sure you stick with a good organic, Greek version. You'll get more protein in Greek yogurts too!

Fermented foods like

are other good sources of probiotics.

Bottom Line

Treat your gut like you would any other part of your body. Honor it, take care of it and do your best to keep it in great shape.

Yours in Health,