Guilt Free Chocolate Truffles

I'll say it again….you DO NOT have to give up your favorite foods to get healthy and release weight!

It's always fun to offer these Chocolate Truffles to friends because their reactions are priceless!

I hear a lot of….

How do you keep your sports model figure eating indulgent treats like this?

You must only eat these once a year, huh?

Oh there's NO WAY these, are healthy! May I have another, though?

I usually pop another one in my mouth and say…”YES! Healthy eating is SOOOO tough!” <–Note sarcasm.

Then I explain to them that you can totally indulge in rich, delicious flavors and still lose weight.

It's all a matter of learning the right combination of ingredients to achieve deliciously healthy treats. Here's a wonderful recipe for Chocolate Truffles from

chocolate truffles recipe

I love that these are completely guilt free!
Mark my words, you will NEVER share these with a friend who does not then ask for this recipe. I always double the batch so I'll have plenty to spread the health.

Yours in Health,