All Chocolate is NOT Created Equally- Cacao VS Cocoa

Craving chocolate? You aren’t alone. Chocolate tops the list of food cravings.

Now, digging into a milk chocolate bar isn't going to do your diet any favors. You know this – as much as you may hate to admit it.

Regular milk chocolate is loaded with sugar, rich in fat, and contains nearly as much energy as a full meal.

That doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your craving. There are healthier forms of chocolate that you can turn to. Namely, cacao and cocoa.

Not sure the difference between them? Let’s take a closer look so you know which option you should add to your diet – guilt free. And I'll fill you in on my own daily guilt-free pleasure, Cacao Bliss, a little later.


A lot of people have never tried cacao, or even heard of it for that matter.

Cacao (like the kind I use in my Cacao Bliss) is the purest form of chocolate that you can eat so it’s far less processed than anything else you’ll get. As a general rule, the less processed a food is, the healthier it is for you, so that puts cacao on top.

Cacao is a rich source of

  • antioxidants
  • magnesium

This is important for active people because magnesium is required for maintaining strong bones, stabilizing blood sugar and keeping energy levels up. In fact, chocolate cravings and magnesium deficiencies have been closely linked.

Cacao comes from cacao pods, which grow on the cacao fruit tree. The pods are cracked open to release the cacao beans, which can then be processed to form either:

Cacao is great for baked recipes and is a terrific source of fiber and nutrients. You’ll also take in some monounsaturated fats with cacao, and even a small dose of protein.


Cocoa on the other hand, is more processed than cacao is and is the form that you’ve likely used before. It’s widely available and comes in many different varieties – both sweetened and unsweetened.

If using cocoa, you’ll want to get the unsweetened variety to avoid excess sugar.

Cocoa is cheaper than buying cacao, and still a better option than milk chocolate as long as you choose one that's as natural as possible.

Make sure it doesn’t have any:

  • added sugars
  • added milk fats
  • oils

The big difference between cocoa powder and cacao powder is that cocoa powder uses a higher temperature of heat during the processing, so this means the antioxidant power of it won’t be quite as high.

This isn’t to say it doesn’t have any antioxidants, they just aren’t quite as significant as cacao is.

Studies also suggest that coco, as well as cacao, can help to improve heart health as well.

If you really want to ensure optimal health, opt for raw cacao in any one of the varieties it comes in, including Cacao Bliss.

Try subbing cacao nibs in for chocolate chips in your next baking recipe and you’ll be amazed at the flavor it brings.

Yours in Health,


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