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Top 5 Foods to Support Kidney Health

The CDC reports that 1 in 3 Americans are at a risk of developing kidney disease. Kidney health is least talked about and many are not aware of the risk factors. Diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history, may put you at a risk. Others include frequent kidney stones, smoking, obesity and heart disease. Luckily, with a few healthy ... Read More »

Sprouted Grains Versus Whole Wheat

Been on a diet and starting to really miss eating bread? Maybe you've kicked sandwiches for lunch, opting salads and stir-fry’s instead. What if you could bring that sandwich back into your day? The great news is you can – as long as you choose Ezekiel bread instead of regular whole wheat bread. But, why is it better for you? What Is ... Read More »

4 Ways Cocoa Butter Boosts Your Health

Did you know you can eat cocoa butter? You may think of it as a lotion or beauty cream but it's quite edible and tasty too! Cocoa butter is extracted from the regular cocoa bean, which is the same bean that is used to create chocolate. Cocoa butter is what brings in the healthy fats to dark chocolate and gives you that creamy consistency ... Read More »

Best Replacements for Eggs and other Dairy

Maybe you're a vegan or  you have egg allergies. Maybe you want to cut back on dietary cholesterol or just need to try something new. Hey, maybe you're just out of eggs mid recipe. A lot of scenarios can call for an egg or dairy substitute. Whatever the case, I've got you covered with these substitutes. Depending on the type of recipe, ... Read More »

Top 5 Home Remedies for Constipation

For some reason, the things we have most in common are the ones we have the hardest time talking about. And having a hard time going is one of those topics. Constipation is something that happens to young and old, the very active and the couch potato. There are plenty of fixes you can buy at the drug store to help get things moving. But there ... Read More »

7 Things Your Fingernails and Hair Can Tell You About Your Health

Have you noticed a change in your hair or nails lately? Even a small change could be a sign of health problems. The hair on our head and nails on our fingers and toes are basically skin – just a modified version of skin. Our hair and nails each have their own important role too. Both are made of keratin, and are important messengers about ... Read More »

9 Reasons to Sprinkle Sesame Seeds on Everything

What foods do you picture when you think of sesame seeds? A bagel topped with the golden crunchers? Sesame chicken from your favorite Chinese restaurant? Maybe it’s the delicious sesame honey candy from the Middle East? These may not be the healthiest and I'm not saying these are the best way to get sesame seeds. I'll show you a good way to ... Read More »

This Is One of the Worst Ways to Start Your Day!

Picture this: Your morning alarm goes off, you get up and walk to the bathroom half-awake. You go to the bathroom, undress yourself and step on the scale for your (often times, dreaded) daily weigh-in. Your only hope is that the number on the scale is less than it was yesterday. You take a deep breath, exhale everything out and lightly step ... Read More »

Hip Flexor stretch – Flattens Belly and Elongates Muscles

It's easy to get really tight in the hip flexors. Working at a desk , driving a lot or even stress can cause the hip flexors to tighten. Your hips flexors and your Abs are best friends so it's important to use the stretches in my video to release that hip flexor tension. Believe me, your Abs and your hips will thank you! Yours in ... Watch Video »

Chia Berry Jam

Jellies and jams always look so pretty on the Brunch table but I usually pass on them. Even the homemade ones are usually packed to the rim with sugar and the store bought ones come with chemicals to boot. If you're ready to say YES to that smear of jam on your Ezekiel toast then THIS is the recipe you've been hoping for! Summer brings an ... Read More »