This is one of my favorite stick-to-your-ribs breakfasts. You might think of waffles as something to avoid when you're trying to lose weight but this recipe isn't full of white flours and sugars that wreak havoc on our bodies. Instead, these yummy pumpkin waffles are full of fiber and flavor! They won't leave your belly with that heavy feeling ... Read More »

Coconut Flour Pizza Crust

Pizza is something we often think of us an unhealthy and fattening food but it doesn't HAVE to be. I have some great news for pizza lovers, a few simple modifications can turn this seemingly guilty indulgence into a regular part in a healthy meal plan. You can buy the pre-made gluten free pizza crusts but I like to make my own in big batches and ... Read More »

Why Your Metabolism is Not Burning Fat

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts food into energy. Many people hold the belief that fat people have low metabolism rates and skinny people have high metabolism rates. However, the process is not that simple. Your metabolism depends on three separate factors, and how it works affects how much you weigh. Metabolism is ... Read More »


With Fall Holidays in full swing there are pumpkin temptations abound! Pumpkin is such a naturally healthy food that's high in fiber and key nutrients. That bright orange color is from all the carotenoids like beta-carotene that support the health of eyes and other organs. The high fiber makes pumpkin filling and helps you feel full longer. This ... Read More »

Why you should eat more of this FAT!

Coconut oil is one of the best weapons you have to fight weight gain. It is a one of those foods that is so beneficial to the body but has received little notice. Coconut oil has beneficial fatty acids that provide a boost to your metabolism. If you’re trying to lose weight, this should be music to your ears. Every little technique to boost ... Read More »

Yummy & Healthy Bread Recipe

One of the most common questions I get is about which bread to buy. The truth is that when it comes to bread, you are often better off just baking your own. It doesn't have to be labor intensive and you will always know exactly what you are eating. Most breads on grocery shelves are loaded with sugars and preservative and what's worse is that ... Read More »


If you love the crunchy, salty goodness of potato chips but don't love all the fat then you really need to try this recipe. It's quick and easy and there is nothing quite like hot, fresh sweet potato chips straight out of my own oven. We like to snack on these for movie nights and I pack them in lunches for my kids if there happen to be any ... Read More »

The Dangers of HCG and Why You Should Avoid It

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin. This is a hormone that supposedly aids in weight loss. The diet was created by Dr. A.T. Simeons, who authored the book, ‘Pounds & Inches”. The theory behind the HCG diet is that for the first 2 days, you are allowed to eat whatever you wish. And after that, the ‘fun’ begins. For the next three ... Read More »

Vanilla Chai Spice Smoothie

I love to play around with different ingredients in my smoothies and I just made the most yummy Smoothie EVER! Super yummy, like to die for delicious! One of the reasons I love this smoothie is because all the ingredients will make your skin and organs glow! Ginger is detoxifying, great for clearing blemishes, and helps with inflammation in ... Read More »

Are these extra pounds normal during PMS?

It may seem that when "that time of the month" is coming around that you start dreading a lot of things. One of the most common issues is wondering how much weight gain is going to take place this time? While it may seem that you really pack on the pounds, it isn't as much as you think. Yes, there is a level of discomfort that comes from a ... Read More »