This One Apple Variety Tops the Charts In The Battle of the Bulge

If you're not heeding the old adage of an ‘apple a day', you need to read this.

Many studies point to the beneficial effects of apples. This includes their antioxidant effects, and positive impact on heart health.

As if that wasn't enough, they regulate blood sugar too!

This is good news, because it is the single biggest factor that helps keep body weight healthy. Interesting!

How exactly do apples help fight obesity?

It is all because of two factors in apples – fiber and phenolic compounds.

Studies show that both fiber and phenolic compounds in apple protect against many diseases.

Especially, the non-digestible fiber part of the apple resists digestion by stomach juices. They dodge the digestive acids and enzymes too, and reach the colon. This is where the gut bacteria thrive.

Gut bacteria feed on these non-digestible fiber and produce short chain fatty acids. Otherwise called SCFA's, these are the result of the fermentation by gut bacteria.

Short chain fats have many benefits like:

  • Sustained energy
  • Stable blood sugar
  • Improving satiety and keeping you full

Research showed that eating more apples increased the number of healthy bacteria. It particularly altered two kinds of bacteria. The strains were the Clostridiales and Bacteriodes species. Both are known to influence gut health and general health.

BUT…It's important to choose the right variety

Granny Smith apples are what you should reach for to get the best weight loss effect. Studies show that Granny Smith varieties have more non-digestible compounds than other types.

Scientists at Washington State University suggest Granny Smith apples for obese individuals. They say it may help lower the risk of disorders associated with being obese.

They found that when obese mice were fed the Granny smith variety their gut flora changed to that of lean mice. A gut flora that is the same as lean mice, helps lower the risk of disorders accompanying obesity.

Choose clean apples 

Beware of pesticide residue and wax coating:

The Environmental Working Group reports that apples are high in pesticide residues.  Another thing to note is the petroleum-based waxes used as a coating on apples.

So, keep it clean, choose an organic apple over conventional ones.

Also, be sure to pick apples that are free of soft spots and mushiness. Hold the apple between your thumb and index finger and squeeze it. The harder it is to squeeze, the crispier it is.

Here are 4 easy ways to eat more of this variety 

1. Freeze for a quick snack: Wash, cut and slice them up. Freeze them in ziploc snack bags so it is easy to grab and go as a healthy snack.

2. Bake: Granny smith apples are tart and firm. This makes it great for baking recipes like apple cobbler and pie.

3. Make apple sauce: Homemade chunky apple sauce makes a great topping for pancakes too!

4. Enjoy with probiotics: Eat cubed granny smith apples with a probiotic like Greek yogurt. You will be able to boost your healthy gut bacteria in few delicious scoops a day.

Not to forget, eating whole fruit is always beneficial and helps to promote weight loss.

Yours in Health,


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