3 Simple “Tricks” For Instant Motivation

Here are 3 surefire "tricks" you can use for instant motivation. Next time you have one of those days when you just don't feel like doing anything, try this to get yourself into gear! Much Love, Danette Please feel free to share this video with your friends and leave your comments below! ... Watch Video »

The #1 Reason People Fail at Weight Loss

There are a lot of reasons that people fail in their weight loss attempts. I bet you could name them all: No control of diet, not enough exercise or just neglecting the other factors that are holding back fat loss. However, NONE of these factors rank as the top reason for failure at losing weight. The number 1 reason they do not lose ... Read More »

Are You Addicted To Food?

How can you be addicted to a substance you have to consume to stay alive? Is it possible to be addicted to food? Researchers say yes. When scanning the brain of a food addict thinking about food, the scan shows changes nearly identical with the brain changes of a drug addict or alcoholic thinking about drinking or drugs. Most of the time the ... Read More »

Difficulty Losing Weight – Are You Lying to Yourself?

Many people have had difficulty losing weight, nothing is more frustrating than to get your motivation up, find the perfect diet and exercise program for you and then... nothing. Some people actually do have a metabolic issue that makes it virtually impossible to lose weight, but not many. For most of us the harsh reality is that we're just not ... Read More »

6 Expert Tricks to Staying Positive about Weight Loss

Staying positive throughout the weight loss process can be difficult. A few setbacks and you may be ready to give up. Staying motivated throughout your weight loss journey requires focus on the goal and positive thinking – but what do you do when you’re feeling less than positive about your efforts? Use these tips to help you stay positive: 1. ... Read More »

4 Refrigerator Hacks to Help You Shed Belly Fat

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may think your refrigerator is the enemy, but it’s easy to turn it into your ally in helping you to achieve that optimal shape. The key is organization! Shifting the food around in your fridge can actually retrain your brain to lose those stubborn pounds by helping you to crave healthier foods rather than ... Read More »

7 Sneaky Tricks To Stick to Your Diet Like Glue and Lose the Weight For Good!

I think we all know how hard it is to lose weight. In the beginning, we’re usually pretty motivated, but after a while, even when we have the very best of intentions, we tend to get off track when stress gets in the way and are lured in by the temptation of fattening or sugary treats. Once we give in, instead of getting quickly back on track, we ... Read More »

The REAL reason that number on the scale ins’t moving

You’re avoiding fried foods, soft drinks and decadent desserts, eating healthfully, watching your calorie intake and working out on a regular basis. You know you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in. So, why aren’t you losing weight? It can be absolutely maddening! Especially if you believe you really are doing all the right ... Read More »

The Missing Link in Your Weight Loss: Better Breathing

When most of us think about losing weight and becoming fit, we tend to concentrate on our activity levels and what we eat, and rightly so, but achieving success often involves other factors too. If you’re struggling to lose those unwanted pounds, better breathing may be the missing link in your plan. About now you might be shaking your head ... Read More »

Declare Your “Why”

The most important exercise you will ever do for lasting weight loss has nothing to do with weights, machines, or any other physical exercise. It all starts with your mind...and specifically in defining your "why". You see, you need to get very clear on why you want to eat healthy or start an exercise program before you ever lace up your shoes. ... Watch Video »