4 Powerful Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Do you have an aloe plant in your kitchen? If you do then you probably know that it’s a great first aid for healing cooking burns. But did you know that this tropical plant is credited for a lot of other health benefits? From stopping hair loss and healing acne to helping with weight loss and boosting your immune system, aloe is ... Read More »

6 House Plants That Clean Your Air

You spend a lot of time focusing on what you eat and how it impacts your health. But there’s more to being healthy than what we put into our stomachs. Here are just a few of the essentials: You need to give your body the right amount of rest. You need to stimulate your mind and expose yourself to beauty. You need to make sure that ... Read More »

Is Your Thyroid the Culprit of Your Weight Gain?

You've heard a lot about thyroid glands! They're important to keep you energetic and healthy. You may have also heard that if you're struggling with body weight, your thyroids could be a reason too. Here is a quick overview of this gland and how it functions. This can help you plan your weight loss efforts better. What is a thyroid gland ... Read More »

When Your Body Burns Fat Where Does it Go?

We've heard it many times, phrases like "burn your fat" and "melt your fat." Does this mean that we burn fat to ashes or melt it to a liquid form? If so where does the end product of this action go? Does it convert to muscle? OR... Does it get excreted during your regular morning routine? There's a lot of misinformation about ... Read More »

Top Benefits of Cannabis Oil (Despite it’s Controversy)

Cannabis is more commonly called ''Marijuana'' and I think it's fair to say you probably know what that is. In case you don't, it's a product of the plant Cannabis sativa. Most of you know about Cannabis but did you know this herb has been used for thousands of years to treat many disease conditions? Cannabis is popular for its sticky ... Read More »

5 Reasons Store-bought Juices are Junk (and what to drink instead)

Are you a juice drinker? Do you buy it every week for your family because it seems like a healthy option?   If so, here are some points to ponder: Is your juice a sugary concoction? Does the label read "juice from concentrate"? Is your answer is ''yes'', it's time you stop using store bought juices and start making your ... Read More »

Is Your Sunscreen Friend or Foe?

Everyone loves summer – it's the best Season to spend more time outdoors. There are lots of fun activities and you may have even noticed you feel a lot happier during the summer than in winter. Most of the benefits of sun exposure center around vitamin D, but there's more to it than that. 4 Reasons to Bask in the Summer Sun 1. Keeps you ... Read More »

Golden Milk – Your Summer Replacement for Coffee

Do you love your morning coffee or evening tea? Do you wish that they offered more health benefits? If so, then you should try Golden Milk. Golden Milk is made by mixing healthful turmeric paste with warm coconut milk or almond milk. It gives you all the benefits of turmeric in a tasty and soothing drink that you will quickly grow to ... Read More »

5 Habits of People Who Lost 30 pounds (and kept it off)

If you had to guess, how many people do you know who have ever gone on a diet? It’s a funny question, isn’t it? When you think about it like that, you realize that at one time or another, almost everybody you know has told you that they need to take off a pound or two. You’d have to tally up the numbers of almost everybody that you ... Read More »

You Know Abour Yogurt and Kefir, but Have You Heard of Skyr?

You probably already know that some dairy foods have health benefits for most people. Research has even shown that it can help you keep your weight in check. Eating dairy can trim the size of your waist, increase your lean muscle mass and lower body fat mass. So where do you get your dairy? Are you a regular Greek yogurt eater? Do ... Read More »