What is MCT & Should I Take it?

If you're health savvy, you may have heard the word MCT. It has become popular due to its outstanding health benefits. In fact, some of the remarkable benefits of coconut oil are due to the presence of MCT's in them. What are MCT's? MCT is the short form for "Medium Chain Triglycerides," a type of healthy saturated fat. It has one or more ... Read More »

8 Painkillers from Your Kitchen

Painkillers are used by most of us. Most take either an over-the-counter medication or prescription medication. But, regular use affects your body. It leads to liver failure, intestinal damage, high blood pressure and other side effects. Yet there are ways to ease the pain with minimal to no side effects. Yes, this is possible with natural ... Read More »

4 Ways Procrastination Impacts Your Health (and 5 fixes)

Okay, let's be honest here, how many of you procrastinate? We all procrastinate from time to time. It can be for mundane things like sorting your files or crucial things like exercising. Of course, the bigger things need commitment and continuous effort. When you don't get to such tasks, it can make you feel lazy, and emotionally weigh you ... Read More »

A Stroke at the Young age of 35?!

Have you heard stories of young women having strokes? The 36-year old whose stroke started as a headache in spin class? The 26-year-old who had a stroke while having sex? When most people think of a stroke, they picture an old person, but that’s not always the case.  Strokes happen when the blood supply to the brain is blocked or a ... Read More »

This Wonder Leaf Could Control Cancer Cells but it Comes with a Warning

Have you ever heard of Neem? Some refer to it as the "wonder leaf" and you're about to learn why! It’s a large evergreen tree that grows in India, Pakistan, and similar tropical regions. It thrives in dry climates and sandy soil, and many think of it as a weed, but it's super useful! For centuries, people have used Neem leaves to keep ... Read More »

5 Surprising Benefits of Citronella Oil

Have you ever been to a nighttime party where the host used Citronella Oil torches or candles? The smell may be sweet and it does a great job of keeping mosquitoes away. Citronella Oil does not come from the Citronella plant, which is a member of the Geranium family. In a strange twist, the Citronella plant doesn’t keep bugs away. It ... Read More »

4 Powerful Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Do you have an aloe plant in your kitchen? If you do then you probably know that it’s a great first aid for healing cooking burns. But did you know that this tropical plant is credited for a lot of other health benefits? From stopping hair loss and healing acne to helping with weight loss and boosting your immune system, aloe is ... Read More »

Top 6 Plants that are Natural Air Purifiers

You spend a lot of time focusing on what you eat and how it impacts your health. But there’s more to being healthy than what we put into our stomachs. Here are just a few of the essentials: You need to give your body the right amount of rest. You need to stimulate your mind and expose yourself to beauty. You need to make sure that ... Read More »

Is Your Thyroid the Culprit of Your Weight Gain?

You've heard a lot about thyroid glands! They're important to keep you energetic and healthy. You may have also heard that if you're struggling with body weight, your thyroids could be a reason too. Here is a quick overview of this gland and how it functions. This can help you plan your weight loss efforts better. What is a thyroid gland ... Read More »

When Your Body Burns Fat Where Does it Go?

We've heard it many times, phrases like "burn your fat" and "melt your fat." Does this mean that we burn fat to ashes or melt it to a liquid form? If so where does the end product of this action go? Does it convert to muscle? OR... Does it get excreted during your regular morning routine? There's a lot of misinformation about ... Read More »