Chatting with Lori Harder on Friendship (and her new book)

Listen in as I chat with my good friend Lori Harder in her living room. We talk candidly about creating meaningful, lasting and deep friendships and about her New Book...A Tribe Called Bliss Lori's book teaches you how to break through superficial friendships, create real connections and reach your highest potential. This book is a GREAT READ ... Watch Video »

Here is Your Sign – Shocking Motivational Stories that will Change Your Life

I would not be half the person I am if it were not for you reading these motivational stories!! When the weight of the world gets you down and has you feeling blue...PRESS PLAY. It does not matter what we do in this world- WE ARE ENOUGH! I am shaking with excitement as I type this! THIS IS MY PASSION and MY MOVEMENT- THE ... Watch Video »

3 Hacks to Rewire Your Brain into Weight Loss Success

How many times have you tried to release weight? How many times have you told yourself that this time it’s really going to work? And how many times have you found yourself back where you started, or even weighing more? However, many times it's been, you’re not alone. Most people who try to lose weight fail. They blame the meal plan, or ... Read More »

6 Ways to Transform your Home into a Spa

You need a break from time to time. We all do. We need the chance to get away from stress. But there’s a big difference between what we need and what we can have. Of course, everyone has work and family demands. Add that to the costs, and fancy spa treatments are out of reach for many. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t show yourself a ... Read More »

5 Steps to a Positive Mindset

If you've been reading for a while, then you know that I love supporting you with health information about food and exercise. But today I want to give you tips on something that's even more powerful than ANY of that. I'm talking about the most powerful muscle in your body: your brain! Once you get your mindset right, everything else ... Read More »

How Stress Affects Every Cell in Your Body

Stress affects ALL of us at some point, for some of us EVERY day. That's why it's important to understand the effect of stress on the body. If you're under a lot of stress I urge you to read this. You have to take control, you're health depends on it! Our nervous system works in two different modes: 1. Parasympathetic (rest and ... Read More »

Trick Your Brain into Releasing More Feel Good Hormones

I bet shorter days and long chilly cold months are not on your favorites list. Not on mine either! Many people dread winter because of the dull, less motivated and depressed feeling. If you are human, you sure have felt this way at some point. In fact, you could feel this way any time of the year. It isn't exclusive to the winter months. So ... Read More »

9 Sure-Fire Stress Busters

Stress comes from many directions. Work, relationships and bills are just a few!  It’s one thing to be aware of your responsibilities and struggles. It’s another thing to let them take over your life. Stress can affect your physical and mental health. The good news is that if you learn to handle it, you can be even more productive. If you're ... Read More »

Why You Need to Start Exercising Now! (It’s Not All About Weight Loss)

When you think of what you need to do to lose weight, there’s a good chance that exercise is high on the list. But the reverse is not necessarily true. When you think about exercising, there are a lot more (and better) reasons to do it than just to drop a few pounds. There’s no question that moving your body helps you burn off calories. ... Read More »

How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain (and why it happens)

Are your winter clothes the same size as your summer clothes? Or do they run a size or two bigger, because you tend to gain a few pounds in the colder months? If so, you’re not alone. From holiday parties to not wanting to exercise in the cold, it’s easy to let yourself go a little bit when the winter months roll around. After all, ... Read More »