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Top 10 Foods That Beat Belly Bloat

You know the feeling. You pull out your favorite pair of skinny jeans and go to zip them up, but they just won't quite button. You check the scale and all looks good there. You’re bloated again, and you don’t know why. How do you STOP the belly bloat? Bloating has a few different causes: It can be a sign of a serious medical ... Read More »

Are You Hungry or Just Bored?

Do you catch yourself munching on food when you aren't hungry and feel guilty about it? Wondering if there is a better way to judge your hunger signals so you can stick to your weight loss goals? I've got you covered. The biggest thing that you can do to improve your health and body weight is to become more mindful. Start by examining ... Read More »

How a Single Workout Session Can Benefit Your Brain

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t work out at all? If so, the idea of exercise may make you tired. Maybe you even get stressed when people say you should go to the gym. On the other hand, maybe you love to exercise. If so, then the idea of missing a day at the gym might make you sad. You may even run your life around your workouts ... Read More »

5 Jedi Mind Tricks to An Instant Good Mood

Are you a positive and optimistic person? Do you find joy in every day, or at least try to? If you do then you’re on the right path to a fulfilling, healthy life. Unfortunately, sometimes things get the best of us, no matter how hard we try. Maybe you got bad news about a friend or family member. Maybe you had a fight with a loved ... Read More »

8 Weird Ingredients to Boost Weight Loss

What foods do you picture when you think about food shopping for weight loss? Carrots and celery? Greek yogurt? Head after head of lettuce? I'm not saying that anything is wrong with any of these foods. But if that’s all that comes to mind, then you’re definitely missing out. There are some weird and wonderful foods and ingredients ... Read More »

Food Prep Made Easy

Join me in my kitchen today as I take you through a simple and effective FOOD PREPPING mission. We will be food prepping today so you can conquer not only your week but also your body. Your body begins in the kitchen so tune in, take notes, and share this video so others can join in on the mission! Yours in health and ... Watch Video »

Walking vs. Running

You already know that any movement you do gives your mood a big boost and makes a big difference in your weight loss efforts. There's no shortage of ways to move your body but you may be wondering of your time is better spent walking or running? Either one is good, but which one is better? When it comes to only how many calories you ... Read More »

6 Foods You Crave & What Your Body Really Wants

There’s a lot to be said for the wisdom that’s been built into our bodies. When we’re cold we shiver so that the motion makes us warm. The hairs on the back of our necks go up when we’re in danger. We feel twinges of pain when we push ourselves too soon after an injury. The same can be said of our food cravings. You might think ... Read More »

How to Stay Motivated

Staying positive throughout the weight loss process can be difficult. A few setbacks and you may be ready to give up. Staying motivated throughout your weight loss journey requires focus on the goal and positive thinking – but what do you do when you’re feeling less than positive about your efforts? Yours in health and ... Watch Video »

Yummy Healthy Summer Snacks

How many times have you found when you’re in a hurry or when traveling, you grab whatever is quick just to satisfy your hunger? So to make sure you have healthy, fat-burning options that taste delicious when you’re on-the-go or traveling, I made this quick video for you. And here’s the recipe I mentioned in the ... Watch Video »