Have a Happier Holiday With This Healthier Dessert Table

Sweets aren’t healthy, even during the holidays (I know, I know — don’t shoot the messenger!). BUT if you already know you’re going to enjoy some treats throughout the season, you may as well make sure they’re made with a healthy twist. Check out this Healthier Holiday Dessert Table recipe roundup for some great ideas!

Berry Yogurt Bark

Packed with probiotics courtesy of the Greek yogurt and antioxidants from the cacao chips and berries, this healthy yogurt bark recipe is easy to make and easy to transport, making it the ideal contribution to your holiday dessert table.

Find the Berry Yogurt Bark recipe HERE.

Healthy Chocolate Almond Bark

Full of sweet, crunchy, and heart-healthy almonds, plus the good fats in coconut oil and the superfoods in Cacao Bliss, this “indulgent” snack is actually healthy. It won’t give you the crash a sugar-laden traditional candy bar would, nor is it full of empty calories and questionable ingredients. This chocolate almond bark is all natural… and all delicious!

Check out the Healthy Chocolate Almond Bark recipe HERE.

Healthy Banana Bread

Whether for breakfast or an after-dinner treat, banana bread is a staple year-round. But it seems even more special during the holidays, and with this healthy recipe, you can indulge without the guilt. The ingredients are 100% natural and this bread is 100% divine.

Enjoy this Healthy Banana Bread recipe HERE.

Cacao No-Bake Cookies

Featuring natural peanut butter, coconut sugar as sweetener, and Cacao Bliss as the superfood alternative to highly processed cocoa powder, this healthy No-Bake Cookie recipe will become the go-to favorite on your holiday dessert table, this year and every year.

Get the simple and delicious Cacao No-Bake Cookie recipe HERE.

Chocolate Silk Pie

Nothing shines on a holiday dessert table quite like decadent pies, and this silky chocolate pie will be the star of your table, too. Made in a buttery almond flour crust, and with a no-bake filling that’s as hassle-free as it is delectable, this pie provides a satisfying treat with a healthy twist!

Grab the Chocolate Silk Pie recipe HERE.

Coconut Bliss Balls

Easy to make and easy to arrange on a plate (and pop into your mouth!), these Coconut Bliss Balls will be a hit both on and off your holiday dessert table. Bonus? They look like little snowballs, adding a festive flair to your affairs.

Get the Coconut Bliss Balls recipe HERE.

The holidays may be known for their sweet treats, but there’s no reason you have to completely derail your healthy lifestyle. Try these treats-with-a-healthy-twist and enjoy the season fully, knowing you’re doing right by your body.

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