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Top 7 Nuts to Add to Your Diet (and Why You Should)

Nuts have always been a delicious, easy to grab and go snack. But when it comes to minding your waistline, they’ve gotten a bad rap. People pay so much attention to the fact that some nuts have a high-fat content. They have let that get in the way of the many benefits, and nutrients that nuts provide. The truth is that nuts are a ... Read More »

Top Benefits of Cannabis Oil (Despite it’s Controversy)

Cannabis is more commonly called ''Marijuana'' and I think it's fair to say you probably know what that is. In case you don't, it's a product of the plant Cannabis sativa. Most of you know about Cannabis but did you know this herb has been used for thousands of years to treat many disease conditions? Cannabis is popular for its sticky ... Read More »

5 Reasons Store-bought Juices are Junk (and what to drink instead)

Are you a juice drinker? Do you buy it every week for your family because it seems like a healthy option?   If so, here are some points to ponder: Is your juice a sugary concoction? Does the label read "juice from concentrate"? Is your answer is ''yes'', it's time you stop using store bought juices and start making your ... Read More »

Is Your Sunscreen Friend or Foe?

Everyone loves summer – it's the best Season to spend more time outdoors. There are lots of fun activities and you may have even noticed you feel a lot happier during the summer than in winter. Most of the benefits of sun exposure center around vitamin D, but there's more to it than that. 4 Reasons to Bask in the Summer Sun 1. Keeps you ... Read More »

7 Tips for Balancing Your Tipsy Yet Healthy Lifestyle

Whether it’s a summer beach barbecue, a winter holiday party, an after work happy hour or a quiet dinner for two, alcohol and your diet will always be an issue. There are lots of tales of people working hard to eat healthily and lose weight all week long, then letting alcohol cancel out their efforts on the weekend. The problem isn’t ... Read More »

4 Holistic Ways to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis (and avoid surgery)

Have you ever had foot pain that runs from your toes to your heel? Does it reach all along the bottom of your foot? Does your heel feel like it is bruised as if you've stepped on a rock? If so, you may be experiencing plantar fasciitis. It’s a common injury that affects many runners. It also happens to people who are ... Read More »

How to Blast Belly Fat with Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’ve ever heard people call apple cider vinegar a “cure all”, there’s a very good reason. It really does do amazing things. There’ve been so many claims made about this shelf staple, such as: It kills bacteria It fights diabetes and lowers blood sugar levels It lowers cholesterol It protects against cancer It helps with ... Read More »

7 Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

If you’ve been on a journey to improve your health, good for you! We all know that breaking old habits can be hard, but it’s totally worth it. Unfortunately, no matter how well you’ve adapted your new ways, challenges can appear. One of the biggest hurdles people face this time of year is travel. With the summer months, people tend to ... Read More »

8 Signs and Symptoms You May Be Vitamin D Deficient

It’s summer time, and that usually means a big boost in the amount of Vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D is often called the “sunshine vitamin” because your skin makes it when it's out in the sun’s rays. It seems strange to think of a vitamin as being made in our skin. This is especially true of one that is as key as Vitamin D is to our body’s ... Read More »

5 Foods to Ease Your Anxiety

We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” But did you know that what you eat can have a direct impact on how you feel? I'm not just talking about eating too much and feeling bloated. I'm talking about the fuel you provide for your body. It can affect your level of calm and your sense of wellbeing. Studies have shown that ... Read More »