“How did you do it!?”

Although the pic on left is a candid shot that my son took of me (and I need to work on my batwings 😂), I definitely can see the difference when a pic pops up on FB taken a year ago! Like others I’ve tried WW and South Beach but this lifestyle surpassed ALL my expectations and reached beyond my goal weight! I started because I had a family reunion in Mexico in July, never imagined that I found a lifestyle that would change my eating habits, knowledge about food and exercise, and enjoy cooking again! The best is when you haven’t seen people in awhile and they say “Where did you go?”, “What happened to you?”, “Are you sick?”, “How did you do it?”, “You look great!”. Then I get to tell them all about it. One of the best things recently was shopping for a NYE outfit, so fun! Thank you Danette May! #transformationtuesday (on a Wednesday)