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Category: Fitness, Videos

Do THIS trick After Cheat Meals

Of course you're going to eat out once in a while and enjoy some delicious pasta, desserts, and other tasty treats. This is absolutely fine, but there's a trick [...]

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hummus recipe
Category: Nutrition

Avocado Hummus

‘Tis the Season of BBQ’s, cookouts, picnics and fun gatherings of friends, family and of course, FOOD! Want to bring something healthy that goes beyond a veggie tray? Here’s the PERFECT party dip that will […]

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chicken stir fry
Category: Nutrition

Sweet and Sour Crock-Pot Chicken

Here’s one of my family’s favorite slow-cooked recipes. It takes me only a few minutes before we head out and it feels GREAT to know that a healthy dinner is waiting for us after a […]

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Category: Nutrition

Orange Julius Smoothie

How many of you remember going to the mall with your parents as kids? Now, do you remember the Orange Julius kiosk? Me too! It was always a unique frothy reward after a long day […]

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