Flourless Brownies with Ganache Topping

Wait until you see what member Holly Kerl of Spokane, Washington has in store for your taste buds today! Holly's mouthwatering brownie recipe was chosen as a finalist in my Healthy Holiday Recipe Challenge last month and it's as healthy as it is delicious. All of my tribe sisters raved about it too and I'm so excited to share it with ... Read More »

I Am Healthy Banana Bread

You're gonna love this indulgent treat! This deliciously satisfying recipe was one of the Top 5 recipes submitted by my members last month! There were hundreds of recipes submitted, but one bite of this and you'll know why it was selected as a finalist in my recent Healthy Holiday Recipe Challenge. Thanks again to member, Michelle ... Read More »

Jerusalem Artichoke & White Bean Soup with Oysters

I'm excited to share another amazing recipe from one of my members! Recently, I challenged my members to submit their original healthy creations as part of my Healthy Holiday Recipe Challenge and I'm excited to share the Top 5 recipes with YOU! This hearty recipe hits the spot and was a finalist among hundreds of others. This soup recipe is ... Read More »

Crunchy Bits of Energy

So excited to share this recipe! Recently I asked my members to submit their own healthy creations as part of my Healthy Holiday Recipe Challenge. I was blown away by all the yummy and healthy recipes that were shared. This recipe was in the top five out of hundreds of entries! Thanks to Forever Fit Club member, Laurie Bigelow Smith of ... Read More »

Healthy Apple Pie Recipe

This apple pie recipe is amazing! I didn't even have to peel any apples and it turned out to taste better than most apple pie recipes. Easy as pie! Pie Filling 4 Organic Apples- sliced 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1/8 teaspoon clove 1 Lemon (juice only) 3/4 cup coconut sugar 1/2 cup almond flour Pie Crust Recipe 1 cup ... Watch Video »

What the Color of Food Can Tell You About Nutrients

Do you ever get overwhelmed by all of the things you want to remember about food? For many people, knowing which foods are healthiest is a challenge. It can be hard to keep track of all the different vitamins and minerals, let alone complex information like which have flavanols and which have fiber. Want an easy-to-remember trick to ... Read More »

Is Your Bad Breath Trying to Warn You?

We all grew up watching ads about bad breath. We’ve spent plenty of time breathing into our palms and sniffing, or chewing breath mints. But bad breath is more than just a social problem. It can be a very real symptom of a very real health problem. If your breath has turned sour or people are pulling away when you’re a little too ... Read More »

9 Foods That You Can Eat a Lot of Without Getting Fat

It can be challenging to get slimmer, stronger and healthier. Maybe it's hard to find time. For some, it’s hard to find energy. And for many, it’s hard to avoid being hungry. If you're a person who likes to eat a lot, I have some good news for you today! There are plenty of foods that are good for you and will also make you feel full. ... Read More »

Overweight? Snore Loudly? If So, Be Warned!

You’ve probably heard of sleep apnea. Maybe you know somebody who has it. The best known symptom is loud, gasping snoring. It may seem funny until you learn just how dangerous it can be. People who have sleep apnea don’t know it, but they stop breathing when they're sleeping. This is because their airway is being blocked by extra ... Read More »

How Strong Is Your Banana Game?

The banana is one of the world’s favorite fruits. It also may be one of the most under-appreciated. Not only are bananas delicious, they're uber nutritious. You could be missing out if you're making these mistakes though. Most people grab a bunch of bananas on every food shopping trip and then wait until they turn from green to yellow to ... Read More »