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Top 3 Weight Loss Tips

These are my favorite top 3 weight loss tips that will speed up your results! Tip 1: Start your day off with fresh lemon water. This will help with your metabolism. Tip 2: Do high-intensity interval training. Tip 3: Eat clean foods. CLICK HERE to Join The Danette May Challenge Yours in health, Danette P.S. Please share these ... Watch Video »

15 Foods that Could be Triggering Your Migraines

If you suffer from migraines, you have my sympathy. A migraine is more than just a headache. It can put your life on hold. Some people get migraines that are so bad that they can’t get out of bed. They can’t be out in the sun. They call out from work and stay in bed all day. They feel sick, sometimes throwing up. There are some drugs that ... Read More »

Top 5 Signs You Need More Leafy Greens

From the time we were little we’ve been told that we should eat more greens. It’s amazing how much our moms and grandmas knew! Where we were once just told that greens would help us grow big and strong, today we have a wealth of information that tells us exactly how they do that. We also know that when health problems come up, they are ... Read More »

Snacks on a Plane

Air travel is not always fun, even if you are headed for a much-needed vacation. Between the rush of packing and the stress of going through the security line, eating clean may be the last thing on your mind. Still, if you take the time to think ahead, you can save yourself from the perils of the airport food court. You can’t pack a ... Read More »

9 Sneaky Tricks Brands Use on Ingredient Labels

So, you're trying to get healthier and you're probably paying closer attention to what you eat. Most people know the basics. They know that they should buy more fresh fruits and vegetables. They start buying more lean proteins too. They also try to cut out processed foods, but if you’re like most people, you still buy some packaged ... Read More »

The Disturbing Truth About Probiotics

Watch the video then click here to check out Silver Fern Probiotics. Gut health is absolutely crucial to looking and feeling better. Probiotics are a hot term right now, and for good reason! However, most people aren't aware that 15/16 probiotics are absolutely useless. In this video, I break down everything you need to know about gut ... Watch Video »

7 Super Effective Home Remedies for Heartburn

Acid reflux is an uncomfortable disease, to say the least. Its main symptom is a burning sensation in the chest which is why it's commonly known as heartburn. Other unpleasant symptoms include burping, bloating, and a sour taste in your mouth, especially when liquid backs up into your throat. Not fun at all! Acid reflux happens when the ... Read More »

Summer Morning Rituals For A Busy Mom

Mom's need time for themselves and here are a few of the summer morning rituals I love to do to start off my day. Yours in health, Danette P.S. Please share this video with the busy Moms you know and I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Do you have your own morning ritual? ... Watch Video »


Let's be real we all want to workout so we can get lucky in bed and look good naked! Do this Get Lucky Workout Routine that focuses on your booty and abs. For intermediate and advanced levels of fitness do this routine 3 times with 20-30 second breaks in between. Yours in health, Danette P.S. Please share this workout with your ... Watch Video »

What To Do When You Don’t See A Lot Of Progress

In this video, we're going to get candid and talk about what to do when you don't see a lot of progress. You've tried everything, but you're not seeing the results you want in your weight loss goals! I have some tips that will help. Yours in health, Danette P.S. Please share this video with your friends who are feeling "stuck" and I ... Watch Video »