When I Snap My Fingers (The Truth About Hypnosis and What It Can Do For You)

What are your thoughts on hypnosis? Do you find it intriguing but have no idea how it works — or how it could work for you and your challenges?

Or do you find it hokey, fake, or even scary? (Who wants to bark like a dog in front of an audience, after all?)


Whatever your thoughts about hypnosis, the next episode of my passion project, The Danette May Show, can help clear things up for you.


In this show, I'm welcoming Grace Smith, hypnotherapist and owner of Grace Space Hypnosis, and we get very real about what hypnosis is and isn't, how it helped Grace heal from her past, and how it can help YOU too. Grace also leads us through a session together and let me tell you, once you experience this, you'll never think of hypnosis the same.


This is a powerful episode and I can't wait for you to watch and participate. Head to YouTube to watch right away, and don't forget to leave me a comment to let me know how the session went for you.


Click Here: https://youtu.be/s7-lw_t4tX0


This is just one more tool available to you as you RISE into your truth. I truly hope it helps you, love.

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