Tropical Mango Kale Salad

The weather is getting colder here in the States (actually it was -8 degrees F this morning as my little girl was heading off to school).

And even though I love looking at the glistening snow against the beautiful blue sky, I long for the warmth of the tropical weather and the healthy glow that I get from the sunny beaches.

So if I can't hop on a plane to Mexico or Hawaii, I find a sliver of my answer in food. Food that will delight my senses with the tastes of the tropics and will give me a warm glow.

Kale is my go-to food when I'm looking for this feeling. Not only does it contain a ton of nutrients, it also boosts your immune system, which is vitally important this time of year.

Kale is one of the biggest, baddest superfoods you can get your hands on, but it also can be somewhat intimidating if you don't know how to make it delicious.

So I have a recipe that is super easy, mouth-watering delicious, and will not only give you the flavor of the tropics but will have your skin glowing in delight.

Tropical Mango Kale Salad recipeThis makes 2 servings.

Note: Adding feta cheese would add some protein and healthy fat to round it out. It's definitely a light meal.

Now you can experience a tasty tropical meal without leaving your home!

Much love,

Danette May

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