Make Weekly Meal Prep Easy With These 3 Hacks

Having one day per week to tackle weekly meal prep is often a game-changer when it comes to sticking to your healthy eating routine. And, while meal prepping may sound time-consuming, with just a couple extra hours on a day off, you can actually save yourself hours of prep work during the busy week. 

I’m sharing my top weekly meal prep hacks you need to make healthy eating easy and delicious. 


How to Meal Prep Like a Pro 


When it comes to prepping your meals (and even your snacks) for the week, I like to look at a couple of different things including: 


  • Prepping your veggies — making it more likely that you’ll add all of those nutrient-dense superfoods to your meals! 
  • Getting your healthy snacks ready. 
  • Preparing healthy shakes and smoothies to just grab and blend. 
  • Setting up your kitchen for success. 


Let’s take a closer look at the steps involved in how I suggest doing your weekly meal prep. 


#1 Prep Your Veggies For the Week 


Adding more colorful veggies to your recipes is an amazing way to show your body some love with optimal nourishment. But, it’s easy to skip the veggies when you’re running short on time and just can’t get around to washing the produce sitting in your fridge. 


So, on a weekend day (or whatever day works best for you), prep the produce you picked up from your last grocery trip. Wash your veggies, and even cut your broccoli or cauliflower into florets to store in the crisper drawer in your fridge to easily grab and toss into your dinner recipes. 


#2 Prep Your Snacks Ahead of Time 


Snacks are tricky for all of us — if we get hungry in between meals, and don’t have something healthy and readily available, it’s easy to grab something sugary in a pinch. So, set yourself up for success by prepping your snacks for the week. 


You can make individual serving baggies of trail mix (use silicone bags to avoid plastic or glass mason-style jars), and wash your fruit and place it in the front of your fridge where you know you’ll see it. 


You can even make a batch of hard-boiled eggs to keep in a bowl in the fridge for healthy and easy snacking when hunger hits. 


Another one of my go-to pre-prepared snacks are healthier treats like these delicious no-bake cookies


#3 Get Your Weekly Shakes Prepped 


As if smoothies and shakes were easy enough to make, I’m sharing my favorite hack to make them even faster to prep and enjoy. Add all your smoothie ingredients to a freezer-safe bag and keep them in your freezer. Now you can just empty the contents into the blender, blend, and voila! You have yourself a nutritious snack or breakfast in less than five minutes with minimal cleanup time. 

Make Weekly Meal Prep Your Healthy Eating Secret Weapon 


Life is busy, and if we don’t have healthy foods prepped and readily available, it can become easy to choose something more convenient. So, set yourself up for success by making healthy eating easy and totally delicious. 


With weekly meal prep, you may find that healthy eating becomes ten times less time-consuming and far more doable.


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