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Contest Winner Announcement

Thank you to everyone that entered my contest to win a spot at my Women's Health and Fitness Retreat in Vail, CO this summer! We had thousands of participants and I would love to give the prize to all of you, but I'm ... Watch Video →

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Red, White and Blue Salad

We're celebrating the 4th of July this weekend so this is the perfect recipe you can make for your friends and family. It's loaded with delicious fruits and a SECRET herb that really boosts the flavor. Yours in health ... Watch Video →

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The Truth About Sugar

Did you know that white sugar is one of the most toxic substances you can put in your body? And even though they're touted as "healthy" you have to use extreme caution with most artificial sweeteners because of the ... Watch Video →

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2 Minute Body Blast Workout

No time to workout? You can do this quick and super effective workout in just two minutes on your lunch break, when you take your kids to the park, or really any time you have a few minutes to spare. Yes, even a 2 minute ... Watch Video →

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2 Ingredient Tropical Whip

Sometimes it's the simplest things that pack the most punch! This super fast, 2 ingredient pineapple whip is bursting with tropical flavor and really cools you down on a hot Summer day. You have to plan just … Read full article →


Rich And Creamy Breakfast Popsicles

Yes, you read that right...you can eat these popsicles for breakfast and feel good about it. Your kids will think you're the coolest Mom ever too! These are so easy to make and they're a perfect … Read full article →


Eat THIS Fruit To Drastically Slow Aging

Let's face it...everyone ages. But did you know that there is FAR more to the process than merely  the passing of time? And in spite of the unique combination of genes you and I have inherited, we can make … Read full article →


Creamy, Crunchy Cucumber Dill Salad

If you're looking for the PERFECT side dish to bring to all of your potlucks and parties this season, I have JUST the recipe for you! This salad is so satisfyingly creamy and crunchy and you can whip this up … Read full article →