Tips for Eating Healthy While on Vacation- What NOT to do

Vacation season is in full swing here in the U.S. and a lot of you have been asking me how to eat healthy while traveling. I know exactly how you're feeling, you don't want to seem rude, you want to have fun. I've got ... Watch Video »

Advanced Belly Flattening V-Roll

I have a lot of favorite Abdominal moves, but this one takes "favorite" to a whole new level. Most Ab movements incorporate one muscle group and if you're lucky, two muscle groups. In this movement, you activate all ... Watch Video »

Behind the scenes at Hanuman Festival

It was such an honor to teach at Hanuman Festival in Boulder Colorado. Being at Festivals can be exhausting. But if you eat healing foods and foods that give you energy, you can end up enjoying your time and feeling ... Watch Video »

90 Second Morning Abundance Stretch

Gathering energy around you as you move and sway with the world, is one of the greatest ways you can call more abundance and peace in to your life. This 90 second stretch will ease your soul as well as call in the ... Watch Video »

Get my #1 Fat-Burning Recipe.

People Who Ate This for Breakfast Lost 65% More Weight

The familiar ad campaign says “the incredible edible egg”, and there’s a lot of truth to that. Eggs are loaded with protein. But in the past few years we’ve been told to be careful with them. This ... Read More »

5 Simple Habits To Lower Your Risk Of Heart Attack

Worried about your heart health? Don’t wait until a loved one suffers from a life-threatening incident to step up and take charge of your own health. Sadly, too many people take their health for granted ... Read More »

Secret Weapon That Fights Inflammation Is Only In THIS Food

Visit any Mediterranean country and you'll notice one food that is EVERYWHERE you look! Olives. And it's no wonder people who live in the Mediterranean are known for their collectively great ... Read More »

Burn 16% More Fat With This Oil

If you walk into a health food store, you may have noticed ginger oil. You probably know ginger for cooking, but not much about its oil form. If you like ginger, you're going to love what I have to tell ... Read More »