Superfood Coffee: Good for Your Health and Slims the Waistline

I know a lot of you love drinking coffee! This recipe works great in tea as well. Why not get all the benefits you can out of your morning java?! The recipe I'm sharing here is great to drink before your workout ... Watch Video »

All Natural Cellulite Smoothing Body Scrub

Here's a little secret that can make good use of something you might normally throw away. I use this scrub ALL the time and it really helps with those little bumpy dimples. Just a few ingredients that you likely ... Watch Video »

Food Shopping for Fat Loss and Meal Prep Hacks

I made this video so I can show you exactly what I grab when I go on a food shopping haul. You can see first hand, how I prep it all up and what kind of yummy recipes I plan to make. Hope you can use these tips to ... Watch Video »

Hip Flexor stretch – Flattens Belly and Elongates Muscles

It's easy to get really tight in the hip flexors. Working at a desk , driving a lot or even stress can cause the hip flexors to tighten. Your hips flexors and your Abs are best friends so it's important to use the ... Watch Video »

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Intermittent Fasting- You’re Already Doing It

Did you know that you fast everyday?! You guessed it, during your sleep as an involuntary action. When you sleep, your body's digestive function is at rest for at least seven hours. This is essential ... Read More »

3 Surprising Ways to Use Coconut Oil

By now, if you've been following me for awhile, you have heard a lot about coconut oil. You're likely aware that its uses go way beyond the kitchen. Here are some quick facts on coconut oil so you can make ... Read More »

Avoid This Beef- It Has TWICE the Fat!

Steak, hamburgers, beef ribs. All are popular choices in the American diet. But when you order your cheeseburger or T-bone, do you think about where it came from? You should. More and more information is ... Read More »

Is This Powder The Fountain of Youth?

Aging is a concern for everyone, and for good reason. As we get older, our skin wrinkles and our joints start to ache. We lose our ability to fight disease. We get tired faster. One of the main reasons ... Read More »