Fat Blasting Pool Workout

If you suffer with joint pain this low impact water workout is exactly what you need. It's a lot more effective that it looks and it's fun too! I love using water resistance to strengthen and tone. You only need a ... Watch Video »

Eat More to Lose More – Secrets to Losing Body Fat

There is a lot of information and misconception about food! I am going to clear all of it up for you right now. Food can actually HEAL your body and help you stand in a body you love. Listen to what your body needs. ... Watch Video »

Best Spa in Bali

I cannot wait to share this AMAZING spa with you! It's one of the top spas in the world and it happens to be here in Bali. It's known for using ancient forms of healing and just wait until you see what they served us for ... Watch Video »

Rise Up: Your Time Is NOW

I am honored to be featured in the Rise Up movie, along with some of the very people I have looked up to for years including Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Arianna Huffington, Dalai Lama, John Mackay (founder of Whole ... Watch Video »

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Cacao VS. Cocoa

Craving chocolate? You aren’t alone. Chocolate tops the list for food cravings. Now, digging into a milk chocolate bar isn't going to do your diet any favors. You know this – as much as you may hate to admit ... Read More »

Healthy Nutella

In case you haven't heard, Nutella is TERRIBLE for you. It's one of those foods that seems like it might be ok. After all, it's made from hazel nuts. They're good for you, right? If you read the ingredients ... Read More »

Top 4 Nuts for Weight Loss

So you’ve heard that nuts are good for you, but is one nut better than the others and do they really boost weight loss? Nuts are packed with nutrients. They vary depending on the nut but, generally speaking, ... Read More »

Quinoa Veggie Fried Rice

If you love Chinese take-out but want a a healthier option this recipe is just for you! Quinoa is a much better option than white sticky rice and MSG is in a lot of Chinese take-out. MSG is a preservative ... Read More »