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Boost energy, improve digestion, and increase fat loss in 30 sec

As you’re probably all too familiar with, most of us are so busy that it can be difficult to squeeze in the time needed to plan out meals and make sure we’re getting the essential nutrients the body needs. But proper ... Watch Video →

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Bikini Body Leg Workout

Here are two quick movements for your bikini body leg workout. These are two of my go-to movements you should use for sculpting and slimming your thighs and tightening your butt. Leave a comment below and let me ... Watch Video →

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Delicious Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

Watch the video and check out the fresh organic ingredients I found at the local farmer's market in Nosara, Costa Rica. Have you ever seen such beautiful fruits and veggies! As I mentioned in the video, I use a lot of ... Watch Video →

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Raw, Uncut, and Uncensored in Costa Rica

I wish you could be here in Costa Rica with me, so I'm doing the next best thing...I'm bringing Costa Rica to you! This is the first of many videos on fitness, nutrition, and fat loss that I'll be sharing with you from ... Watch Video →

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#1 Superfood From The Sea

If you’ve ever walked along a beach and noticed clumps of seaweed lying on the sand, it may not look like an appetizing meal, but this miracle veggie from the sea is a great way to boost weight loss! And, you … Read full article →

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The REAL reason that number on the scale ins’t moving

You’re avoiding fried foods, soft drinks and decadent desserts, eating healthfully, watching your calorie intake and working out on a regular basis. You know you’re burning more calories than you’re taking … Read full article →


Drink This to KILL Hunger Pangs

Did you know one of the MAIN reasons that so many people get off track when dieting and attempting to lose weight is those nagging hunger pangs? They can derail the best of us with intense hunger taking over … Read full article →


4 tricks to lower blood sugar and BOOST fatloss

You've probably heard over and over again that carbohydrates are perhaps the WORST thing you could eat when trying to lose fat or transform your body, and for most people, that's 100% true. The fact is, due … Read full article →