Tips for Getting Past a Food Craving

You know what I'm talking about.

You’ve been doing well all day, maybe even for several days.

You’ve exercised regularly and stuck to your eating plan.

You’ve done everything right and are starting to feel and see a difference.

Then along comes a craving and you’re staring at the bottom of a bag of chips.

People try lots of different ways of keeping their food cravings in check. Some people try eating just a tiny bit of the food they crave each day in hopes that will keep them from wanting them.

But cravings don’t come from feeling deprived.

They don’t come from being hungry either.

Cravings happen for a couple of different reasons. If you understand what they are, then you’ll know how to get past them.

2 Things Causing Your Food Cravings

1. You're Thirsty

woman drinking water tips food craving

One reason that cravings happen is that you're just plain thirsty.

You might think that a dry mouth or sense of being parched would be the sign of thirst, but that isn’t always the case. If your body needs water, it also needs energy.

That’s why your brain tells you to eat something sweet or salty – for the fast energy that it provides.

  • The first thing you should do if you have a craving is to sit down and have a big glass of water, then wait 20 minutes.

Chances are good that your cravings will go away. If you still feel like you need something sweet, instead of water, drink a sweet-tasting herbal tea.

Once you’ve addressed the immediate need, remember to drink a gallon of water each day to keep yourself from getting dehydrated again.

  • Another way to fight off a craving for something sweet is to counter it with a bitter taste.

Cacao nibs are a great answer to a craving.

They have a satisfying crunch and have the added benefit of being high in important nutrients. Cacao is high in protein and iron, plus it has more zinc and Vitamin C than most vegetables do. I highly recommend Cacao Bliss! It can actually help support your health and fitness goals, plus, it reduces cravings!

Most important of all, it has high levels of chromium, a mineral shown to reduce sugar cravings.

Keep a container of cacao nibs handy and pop a few to boost your serotonin levels and satisfy your search for sugar.

2. You're stressed out

woman stressed out tips food craving

The other reason that cravings occur is when you are dealing with stress or a particular type of stimulus that triggers a food response.

Want to know what we mean?

Imagine if when you were a child, every time you got hurt your mom gave you a bowl of ice cream. That might have felt great at the time, but it can also mean that when you feel blue or sick as an adult, you crave ice cream again.

That type of craving is a hard one to break because it's tied to your oldest memories.

  • The best way to fight these cravings off is to be aware of them and to break the habit.

The more times you are able to resist them, the less the chance that you will return to your old ways going forward.

Yours in health and happiness,


P.S. I hope you will share this info. with your friends who struggle with food cravings and I want to hear more from you too! Just drop me a line in the comments below. What's the one food you always find yourself craving?