The Ugly Truth About Trans Fats

I always hear the media covering news about trans fats and I want to be sure my readers are made aware of this critical health information.

Back in 2006, the US Government ruled that any product containing trans fat must be labeled as such. Since then, foods and restaurants have been scrambling to remove trans fats from their products.

But what do you actually know about these harmful fats, and how they may be damaging your diet?

Trans fats are fats with an extra molecule added during a manufacturing process. You already know saturated fat is bad – think of trans fats as super saturated fats. The chemical engineering process used to create trans fat makes the fat much more shelf stable.

This makes trans fats an extremely convenient option for use in restaurants and snack foods, since they do not break down like traditional fat. However, this convenient fat becomes incredibly inconvenient when you take into account the damage it can do to the human body.

Trans fats are truly a dangerous food – to be avoided.

Trans fats act in a harmful way on cholesterol levels. Trans fats raise your bad cholesterol. There are many types of foods that do this, such as eggs, breakfast meats, and fatty foods, so it may not seem like such a big deal.

However, TRANS FATS are WORSE for you Than a PLATE of BACON, as they also lower your good cholesterol.

This means that trans fats truly pack a double whammythey harm your body in two ways at the same time. Trans fat is an unnatural food that has an unnatural effect on your body.

There's Some Good News Here Too


Now, all foods that contain these harmful fats are required to state so on the label. This is leading to a fat revolution here in America.

Makers of snack foods and frozen dinners, as well as restaurant owners across the country, are revamping their recipes. This means that there are more healthy options available, and it is easier to spot foods that do contain these damaging fats.

It’s easier than ever to remove trans fats from your diet. Take the time to read labels and information on restaurant menus.

Look specifically to see how much trans fat your favorite foods contain. More and more foods are removing trans fat completely.

If your favorite has not, it may be time to find a new favorite! Trans fats are dangerous, and need to be avoided at all costs – cut them out of your diet today to protect your good health. Now that you know about the fatty foods to avoid, here are 7 Fatty Foods you SHOULD EAT for a flat stomach.

Yours in Health,