Why Your Man is Losing Weight Faster Than You Are

Everybody knows that it’s easier to lose weight when you do it with a support system. There are scientific studies that back this up. But if you’re a woman thinking about buddying up with a man to lose weight, there’s something you need to know.

Men and women differ when it comes to losing weight, and there’s a chance he’s going to be more successful than you – at least at first.

We’ve all heard about couples going on a diet together and the man losing twice as much in half the time. But dig deeper and you’ll find out that’s not the whole story.

4 Things to Know About Women & Men and Weight Loss

1. He may lose weight faster than you, but that’s a short-term result. man and woman doing push up in gym men lose weight faster women

Because men have more lean muscle tissue, when they cut the same number of calories as women, they lose more weight.

The same is true of exercise.

Men burn about 20% more calories than women do, even when they’re just sitting around.

Put a man and a woman on a treadmill and if both walk 4 miles at the same speed, the man will burn 50 more calories. When men and women who don’t work out start to, men have the fat-burning advantage because they have more muscle to begin with. As time goes by, things even out.

One study showed that though men lost 2 times more weight and 3 times more fat than women after two months. But by the time 6 months had passed, they were the same.

2. Hormones are part of the difference.

Women have estrogen, which means they are supposed to have between 6 and 11% more body fat than men. It’s part of what allows them to have children.

That additional fat is there no matter what they eat. It’s not extra and it’s not unhealthy – it’s normal.

3. Men’s and women’s brains react differently when it comes to food. snapshots of food men lose weight faster women

One study had a group of men and women fast for 20 hours. Then they were shown pictures of food that they weren’t allowed to eat.

After the pictures were taken away, men were no longer thinking about the food, but the women were.

Nobody knows why, but it probably has to do with evolution and women needing to maintain pregnancies.

4. Part of the weight loss difference has to do with where the fat is stored.

Men gain weight in their bellies, and that is easier to lose. Women’s fat is more spread out.

Doing the same amount of exercise will cut down on belly fat, but women have less of it to lose than men. The fat on hips and thighs is harder to lose and takes longer. It also shows less than losing belly fat!

It’s important to note that belly fat is tied to a higher risk of heart attack. Don’t begrudge your buddy for losing it fast – it’s a very good thing for their health.

So, don't get frustrated if your man is losing weight faster. Instead, learn from his anatomical advantages above and use these 5 steps to losing weight like a man.

For those of you who can't seem to get your spouse on board…try these 6 tricks to get your spouse to eat healthier.

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