6 Tricks to Make Your Spouse Eat Healthier with You

Have you ever tried to get your guy to step away from the burger and fries?

Have you asked him to dive into a big bowl of kale salad with you instead?

Getting cooperation may not be easy, but it turns out that it’s well worth the effort.

One study found that men and women are more likely to make a healthy change in their lives if their spouse does too. When a couple starts a new fitness routine together, they’re both more likely to stick with it. The same is true of giving up smoking and eating healthier too.

You’ll see more success as a team then by going it alone, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Getting your guy to sign on to nutritious eating can be hard!

Forcing the issue is going to sound like nagging – we all know that never works.

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So what’s the answer?

If you want to add healthier habits that your man will pick up and enjoy, you need to change your own actions and bring him along with you.

Here are some great ways to make healthy eating a shared activity without any struggle, grumbling or stress.

Take a look at how a change can make his life easier.

1. Does he buy high calorie, high fat fast food for lunch every day? Offer to pack him a brown bag lunch, then make sure that it’s a colorful, flavorful, healthy hit.

2. Clean the chips and fatty snacks out of your home, and stock your shelves with snacks that encourage healthy eating. Greek yogurt, almonds and raisins, bananas and fresh fruit are all wonderful options that cut calories and fat.

3. If you’re cooking any of your meals, make sure that they’re delicious and filling. Then it’s not likely that your guy is going to complain that they’re not unhealthy enough!

4. Add healthy, low-fat proteins like grilled salmon and chicken. Cut out unnecessary calories. You’ll be hearing lots of contented compliments about the tasty meal that you cooked, and no complaints about them being healthy.

5. How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Still, you grab a high fat muffin or breakfast sandwich or skip breakfast altogether.  If you make a nutritious breakfast easy and available for both of you, it's more likely that he is going to be eating it along with you.

Best side effect? He’ll be happy about it too.

6. Be honest. Come right out and tell your guy that you want and need him to go on this journey with you. Tell him that if he helps it will help you to succeed.

If you spell it out and then make his involvement something that is enjoyable – like a walk around the neighborhood where you can each talk about your day – then he’s far more likely to sign on happily.

That approach is much better than if you beg and plead, or force him to do something against his will.

Yours in Health,


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