Strengthen Your Core with this Free Plank Challenge

7 Amazing Things That Will Happen If You Plank Every Day


Whether you’ve been out of the workout game for a long time or are already exercising every day, you can get a lot of benefits out of the simple plank. Planking is a sort of modified pushup in which you hold your body in a stiff straight line, like a plank of wood. Planking can be done in a number of different positions, but no matter which you choose, you’ll find that it triggers a snowball of amazing changes in your body.

Here’s why planking is one of my favorite exercises you can do for your body.


1. Planks tighten up your core and increase your strength.

Not only will you find that your abs and bottom look better, you’ll also find that you are stronger. You’ll be able to lift weights more easily and have increased stability.


2. You’ll cut down on your risk of hurting your back.

The core muscles that you’re working when you do a plank are the same muscles that support your spine. If you have suffered from back pain in the past, you’ll find that your pain decreases when your core gets stronger. If you haven’t had back pain, doing planks will help protect you from hurting yourself in the future.


3. The muscles you build will rev up your metabolism.

Any time you build muscle, you are helping your body burn more calories. That’s because muscle takes more energy to support than fat, even when you’re sitting still or sleeping.


4. You’ll stand up straighter.

Your posture makes a big difference in the way you look and the message you put out into the world. People who stand up straight exude self-confidence, and planks help to strengthen the muscles that keep your body erect.


5. Your balance will improve.

Whether you’ve tipped over in a yoga class or when trying to tie your shoes, balance is important. Holding a plank will strengthen your abdominal muscles and help you stand up straight – even on one leg.


6. Planking lengthens and stretches muscles.

When you engage your posterior muscles, you add to your head-to-toe flexibility.


7. Doing planks helps you see how much you can do.

Adding to the time you spend in a plank each day will help you feel better about yourself and show you what you can do (and what a difference you can make) when you put your mind to it.


Are you ready? Share with your friends and join the free plank challenge today!


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