Feeling Like You’re On The Fritz? Try These 3 Adaptogens.

If you saw the title of this post and asked yourself, “What in the world is an adaptogen?” you’re not alone. The term “adaptogen” is not necessarily familiar in Western medicine.

Adaptogens are an integral part of ancient healing traditions like Ayurvedic, however, and we’re finally waking up to our remembrance of these powerful healers. If your curiosity is piqued, come take a deep dive with me.

What is an adaptogen?

Adaptogen are herbs that have healing properties. They help keep you resilient in the face of stress and normalize the body's stress response by restoring the state of balance. Think of a thermostat that responds to temperature changes in a home — it turns on heat or it cools to keep the temperature a constant. An adaptogen works in the same fashion — it helps regulate homeostasis in your body.

Here are the top three adaptogens you should take if you’re under stress. It equips you better and lowers the negative effects of stress.

Stress hitting you? Take these!

As with most treatments, there are so many options out there it’s hard to decide what might be right for you. Here are just a few. See which one might resonate with you and which one you may be able to get a hold of in your part of the world.

  • Holy Basil: Also called Tulsi, Holy Basil is a highly revered herb.  Holy Basil finds use in Ayurvedic medicine in many conditions. Liver problems, common cold, infections, and skin diseases to name a few. Some studies show that it also helps improve cognitive abilities in humans. Research also suggests that the herb acts as a painkiller, inflammation-fighter, and as an antioxidant. Another study found that Holy Basil was the most potent anti-stress agent. The results were in comparison to Siberian ginseng and Asian ginseng.

How to use Holy Basil?

Enjoy Tulsi leaves in water in the form of tea or simply chew fresh Tulsi leaves (about two to three leaves every day). 

  • Ashwagandha: Also called Indian ginseng, this herb helps regulate your immune system and eases symptoms of anxiety. Ashwagandha is rich in withanolides, a type of chemical that fights inflammation. It also helps reduce cortisol levels. A randomized controlled trial (gold standard) found that ashwagandha was effective and safe. Researchers found that it worked by improving and building one's resistance towards stress.

How to use Ashwagandha? 

Ashwagandha can be found in supplement form, but not all supplements are created equal. Buy high quality supplements from a trusted brand and follow the right dosage. Earth Echo’s Golden Superfood Bliss is a delicious and versatile superfood blend that contains ethically sourced ashwagandha.

  • Rhodiola: Also known as golden root. Rhodiola exerts anti-fatigue effects on those suffering with stress-related fatigue. Rhodiola prepares the body to handle stress by improving mental performance and focus. Also, rhodiola may lower fatigue and play a crucial role in lowering cortisol levels.

How to use Rhodiola?

It is best to use standardized extract of rhodiola. Note that rhodiola is a fatigue-fighter, so take it early in the day to avoid sleep interferences.

Besides using adaptogens, it’s also important to eat healing foods, get plenty of rest, and move your body every day. Adding adaptogens may help make you more resilient to the everyday stressors of life, so if this calls to you, as mentioned above, Golden Superfood Bliss is a great source for ashwagandha and may help balance stress and reduce cortisol by up to 28%. It may also improve your quality of sleep when used regularly.* Learn more and order your Golden Superfood Bliss here.

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