Bone Broth is Still a Superfood to Rave About: Here are 3 Ways to Enjoy it

Bone broth has received some much-deserved attention over the last few years. And, while it was common practice for our grandparent’s generation to make homemade broth,  it’s something that many of us are just starting to come back around to. 


In this post, I’m talking all about why bone broth is superfood-worthy and three ways you can reap all the benefits it brings to the table. 

3 Bone Broth Benefits to Rave About 


#1 Bone Broth May Support the Gut Lining 


One of the most talked-about benefits of bone broth has to do with gut health. It’s been shown to help support the gut lining and the intestinal wall, and it might be beneficial for those with leaky gut.


Another impressive gut-supporting benefit has to do with glycine, an amino acid found in bone broth. One study also found that glycine helps protect the gut mucosa from chemically as well as stress-induced ulcers. 


#2 It May Improve Joint Health 


Another reason bone broth has had its shining moment over the last few years has to do with joint health. The broth is rich in gelatin, which is an important amino acid for supporting the health of our joints. Bone broth is also rich in glycine and proline, both of which are necessary for building connective tissue


As if that wasn’t impressive enough, sipping on bone broth regularly may even help reduce some of the symptoms associated with arthritis


#3 This Nutrient-dense Beverage May Fight Inflammation 


Reducing our overall inflammatory load is essential for reaching optimal health, and enjoying bone broth may be a great way to fight inflammation. Glycine has been shown to hold some anti-inflammatory properties, giving us one more reason to enjoy homemade bone broth. 


3 Ways to Enjoy Bone Broth 


Ready to reap all the benefits it has to offer? Here are three ways to enjoy it. 


#1 Use as a Base For Soups & Stews 


Swap out water and use bone broth as the base for your soup and stew recipes for an added nutritional boost. Bone broth adds a delicious flavor and takes those soup recipes to a new healthy level. 


#2 Sip With a Pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt 


One of the easiest ways to enjoy bone broth is to sip on a mug with a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt. 


Enjoying a daily cup is an amazing way to nourish your gut lining and support your joints — want to add an extra anti-inflammatory boost? Try adding a sprinkle of ground turmeric or ginger. 


#3 Cook Your Quinoa in Bone Broth 


Instead of water, try boiling your quinoa in bone broth. Not only will it give it some added flavor, but you’ll reap all the nutritional benefits bone broth has to offer. 


Sip Your Way to Better Healthy With a Daily Mug of Bone Broth 


Bone broth is a highly nourishing superfood beverage that may benefit your gut, joints, and may even help fight off inflammation. 


You can either make a batch of homemade bone broth (like one of these recipes) or buy a store-bought organic option to sip and enjoy while nourishing your body with the potent nutrients it needs to thrive. 


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