6 Ways Your Feet Are Asking You to Lose Weight

As much as we may love shopping for shoes, we as women, tend to dislike our feet.

We spend a lot on foot creams and pedicures and complain that our feet are too big, or too wide, or that our toes are too long.

The shape or look of our foot may be something that we can’t change, but our foot health is.

woman putting lotion on her feet

There are a lot of foot problems that are a direct result of having to support too much weight.  It’s easy to take it for granted that our feet will support and transport us, but we need to know that if we ask them to do too much, trouble can follow.

We push our feet by squeezing them into shoes that are too tight or too small, so we get blisters.

We walk barefoot on hot sand or rough pavement and if we haven’t built up callouses our skin will burn or tear.

When we weigh too much, we put a lot of stress on our feet.

Just 10 pounds of extra weight increases the force on our feet by 30 to 60 pounds.

6 Ways Your Feet are Asking You to Lose Weight?

1. Achilles Tendonitis – This comes from stress being placed on the site where the Achilles tendon meets the bone. It’s a painful condition caused by overuse. Sometimes the tendon tears. achilles tendonitis getting treated in therapy

Extra weight tends to break down the collagen that lets the tendon heal. Fat distribution is also a risk factor.

The thicker the Achilles tendon is due to fat, the more likely it is to get inflamed and painful.

2. Plantar fasciitis – The more weight you carry, the more your gait changes. Your steps are shorter and slower. There is an increase in step width and greater turning of the feet in a way that can increase the chance of injury.

Studies have shown 1.4 times greater chance of plantar fasciitis in obese patients.

3. Osteoarthritis – This is joint pain caused by the faster breakdown of cartilage that increased force causes.  Too much weight can also create a circulation problem that adds to the pain.

4. Gout – This is a form of arthritis that affects the joints. It’s caused by a build-up of uric acid. It’s strongly linked to being overweight.

5. Peripheral arterial disease – This is a circulatory problem caused by a narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the limbs. It’s often a sign of fatty deposits in the arteries. It can result in sores that won’t heal forming on your toes and feet.

6. Diabetes – Diabetes has been directly connected to obesity. Left uncontrolled it can damage the nerves in your feet so that you can’t feel heat, cold or pain. Many people with diabetes end up having to undergo removal of toes.

People who are overweight need to pay special attention their feet. One of the ways I skechersshow my feet some love is by wearing these super comfy and easy to slip on and off “You by Skechers” shoes. They make my feet SO happy!

The more pain you have in your feet, the less likely you are to get the exercise you need to help with weight loss.

Starting a sensible diet and exercise program will help you start to overcome a lot of foot pains.

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