5 Foods to Ease Your Anxiety

We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat.”

But did you know that what you eat can have a direct impact on how you feel?

I'm not just talking about eating too much and feeling bloated. I'm talking about the fuel you provide for your body.

It can affect your level of calm and your sense of wellbeing.

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Studies have shown that there are some foods that can help us deal with stress. There are also foods that cause us stress.

Most importantly, there are some things that we can add to our diet to help us deal with the things that make us upset.

By making sure that you’re getting the right levels of these important nutrients, you can help improve your ability to deal with the things you can’t control in your life.

You can also lift your mood.

Top 5 Foods to Ease Anxiety

1. Tryptophan

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This important amino acid is found in turkey, bananas, oatmeal, and cheese. You may know tryptophan from all the stories that circulate at Thanksgiving about it making us sleepy after the holiday meal, but it does a lot more than that.

Tryptophan ties directly to the production of serotonin, a brain chemical that makes us feel calm.

2. Vitamin B

Studies have shown that when your levels of B vitamins are low, it can directly affect your mood. When you don’t have enough folic acid or B-12 you are more prone to having depression.

The best way to boost your levels of B vitamins is by eating beef, chicken, leafy greens and citrus fruits.

3. Carbohydrates

Healthy carbs can boost your mood because they increase the body’s production of serotonin. Just watch the type of carbs you eat.

Stick to whole grains like brown rice and stay away from processed foods.

4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Wild-caught salmon and other foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are truly some of the healthiest foods you can eat. salmon capers lemon omega 3 lowers anxiety

People on antidepressants who eat foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to improve more than those who only take the medicine alone.

5. Protein

High protein foods like Greek yogurt or lentils help our brains make Norepinephrine and Dopamine. Both of these help to make us feel more alert. They also help our reaction time and make us feel more energized.

The best way to get a boost from protein is to eat it with complex carbohydrates.

Just as there are foods that help boost our moods, there are others that we should stay away from, because they can lead to greater anxiety and depression.

Foods to beware of include:

  • Processed foods and high-fat foods have both been linked to higher risks of depression
  • Alcohol may make you feel good for a moment, but overall it acts as a depressant.
  • Though you may think that sweets make you feel better, the boost does not last long. Once it is absorbed, you run the risk of feeling tired and sad.
  • Coffee and caffeine may give you a lift in energy, but they lower serotonin levels. This leaves you feeling depressed and cranky.

And don't overlook the value of moving your body to help relieve stress and ease anxiety. Seriously, even this quick 60 Second Body Blast can do wonders, try it and see for yourself.

Exercise is the number one thing you can do to boost your mood, especially when it's the last thing you feel like doing!

Yours in health and happiness,


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