How Strong Is Your Banana Game?

The banana is one of the world’s favorite fruits. It also may be one of the most under-appreciated.

Not only are bananas delicious, they're uber nutritious. You could be missing out if you're making these mistakes though.

Most people grab a bunch of bananas on every food shopping trip and then wait until they turn from green to yellow to eat them.

This is as big a mistake as it is to throw them away when they start to turn brown!

8 Reasons Your Body Loves Bananas 

1. Bananas are full of potassium, and that makes them good for your heart. Potassium fights high blood pressure and keeps electricity flowing through your body.
2. Bananas are high in fiber. Just one gives you 10% of your daily fiber requirement.
3. Bananas are loaded with antioxidants. These fight aging and inflammation.
4. The vitamin B6 in bananas helps your body produce white blood cells, strengthens the nervous system, reduces swelling and protects against type 2 diabetes.
5. Bananas contain tryptophan. Your body changes it into serotonin, which is a mood booster.
6. The magnesium and B7 in bananas help relax your muscles so you can fall asleep more easily.
7. Bananas are a great source of vitamin A. This protects your eyes from macular degeneration.
8. Bananas offer a special carbohydrate called “fructooligosaccharides”. It helps your body absorb calcium.

Green Bananas

You may think green bananas aren’t ready to be eaten, but they have a lot of health benefits. They are higher in fiber and resistance starch then ripe bananas.

These 2 elements lower your risk of diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels. They also may help manage your weight and cholesterol levels.

Green bananas have all of the nutrients found in yellow bananas.

They're best eaten cooked rather than raw. Most people either boil them or eat them fried.

Brown Bananas

How many times have you thrown your bananas away because they have brown spots? Don’t do that again!

Bananas are at their sweetest when they're brown – and best for baking. Quick, someone pass the Banana Bread!

Brown bananas have been reported to help fight cancer. This claim hasn't been supported by studies yet but they sure are delicious!

Banana Peels

Have you ever considered eating the banana peel? Though we don’t do that in the United States, in some countries people eat bananas whole.

The peel is high in fiber, vitamin B6 and B12, and other minerals. If you want to try banana peel, you may find the easiest way is to put it in your smoothie. Just make sure you wash it first, because most bananas are sprayed with pesticides.

This is one reason that I always buy organic and so should you! You'll notice the organic varieties are typically smaller than their conventionally-grown counterparts. That's ok though. In this case, it's an easy concession to make to protect your health.

One of the best ways to eat a banana is in a smoothie. Here’s a recipe for a great one that's packed with protein too!

Banana Almond Butter Smoothie recipe

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