6 Natural Antibiotics (from your kitchen)

You may use an astringent to clean your face. But have you ever heard of astringent foods?

Long before scientists came up with antibiotics, people were using foods and herbs to fight off germs and sickness.

These natural cures and preventatives are even better than the drugs you get at the drug store because your body won’t build up a resistance to them.

Plus, instead of treating you once you’re feeling bad, they help keep you from getting sick in the first place.

6 Natural Antibiotics in Your Kitchen

1. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

You already knew that coconut oil is heart healthy and good for weight loss.

But did you know that it’s also great at killing fungus and germs?

There are lots of ways to add it to their diet. One of my favorites is to stir a spoonful into my Super Healthy Coffee recipe each morning. Just make sure your coffee is organic or you'll be drinking a hot cup of chemicals.

2. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

You knew this was going to be on this list, didn’t you?

Organic apple cider vinegar (with “the mother”) is a wonder food. It’s good for whatever ails you!

When it comes to killing germs, you can’t get much better than ACV. You can even use it to disinfect and sterilize things!

3. Cabbage

Cabbage is so much more than just an ingredient in cole slaw. It has high levels of sulfur compounds that help keep cancer from developing.

It's also loaded with Vitamin C.

Just one cup of cabbage gives you 75% of your daily Vitamin C, which is well known for fighting off colds and viruses.

Eat cabbage raw to help keep your weight stable. At the same time, it will fight off illness and keep your digestive system moving.

4. Honey

Honey is sweet, but it’s also a powerful infection fighter. Ancient Romans used it to help heal wounds and keep germs from taking hold.

It also removes toxins from the blood and helps fight infection by releasing hydrogen peroxide into your bloodstream.

It can be easy to be fooled by honey labels so make sure that the honey you choose is raw and organic, because processing honey kills what makes it an effective antibiotic.

5. Garlic

Garlic may do bad things to your breath, but it’s great at fighting off infection.

In fact, it contains a compound called allicin that has been shown to be very much like penicillin! Eating raw garlic when it has been crushed or chewed has been shown to fight off viruses, germs, parasites and fungus.

And that's just the beginning. Here are 7 more reasons to love garlic and number 7 will shock you!

6. Fermented Foods

Not sure what they are? Think pickles, probiotic yogurt, sauerkraut and Korean Kimchi.

All these foods are loaded with enzymes and antioxidants that help your gut stay healthy. They boost your levels of the good bacteria in your system so you’re better able to fight off infection and illness.

Fermented foods help boost weight loss too!

You probably already have some of these in your pantry. If you don't, you may want to add them to your shopping list. One way or another, adding them to your diet will help keep you healthier!

Yours in health and happiness,


P.S. Please share this with your loved ones and I invite you to comment below. How many of these are in your kitchen right now?