3 Powerful Things Happen When You Eat More Oregano

Oregano is an essential herb in Greek and Italian kitchens.

Just a few teaspoons of the herb adds great flavor and complexity to the dish.

If you think of oregano only as a taste and flavor enhancer, think again!

This lovely herb from the mint family has more to offer than you can imagine. Here are some quick facts you should know about oregano.


4 Facts & Benefits of Oregano and Its Oiladult woman smell oregano herb benefits

1. It's a seriously nutritious herb

A teaspoon of dried herb gives you:

29 mg of calcium, 11.2 micrograms of vitamin K, 23 mg of potassium, 5 grams of magnesium and 0.8 grams of fiber

It's also a rich source of antioxidants. The key antioxidants include thymol, pinene, limonene, carvacrol, ocimene, and caryophyllene.

These active ingredients attribute to the unique and pleasant smell of oregano.

2. Oregano is a powerful antibiotic

Oregano is one of nature's best antibiotics. In many cases, it's even more powerful than modern-day antibiotics.

Studies show that oregano oil is effective against E.Coli bacteria. E.Coli is a harmful bacteria that causes food poisoning.

The essential oil contains two powerful compounds that are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in nature. Use it in soups and broths and tomato dishes to add flavor.

3. Oregano fights cancer

Oregano is a cancer cell fighter.

One study found that oregano arrested the growth of cancer cells. The study used extracts which led to the death of colon cancer cells.

A  2011 study found that carnosol in oregano demonstrated a powerful anti-cancer effect. Carnosol is also a potent antioxidant.

4. Oregano fights inflammation

Beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP) is the active ingredient in oregano that shows anti-inflammatory effects.

BCP is also a dietary cannabinoid and it helps in pain relief.

3 Ways to Use Oregano Oil oregano oil cures foot fungus benefit

1. For foot/nail fungus: Add a few drops of oil in water and soak your feet in it. 

2. Sinus infections/colds: Use a few drops in a steam bath.

3. Skin infections: Dilute the oil and apply to the affected area. Be sure to dilute the essential oil before use. You can either use with a carrier oil, such as olive oil, or in water.

A few more tips for cooking with Oregano:

  • Use in marinades, stuffings or sprinkle over a meat dish.
  • Chop the fresh herb into fine pieces and add it to your dough to make bread or tortilla wraps.
  • Add it at the end of your cooking process for a great aroma.
  • Chopping the herb to finer pieces or grinding it releases more flavor.
  • Use small quantities, too much turns the food bitter.

QUICK FACT: A teaspoon of dried oregano is equal to one tablespoon of fresh oregano

Is Oregano safe to use every day?

Oregano in the herb form is fine for most people. If you have allergies to mint you should take precautions when taking oregano.

Pregnant women can take oregano in its fresh or dried form and it is safe. Soups, salads, eggs, meat dishes and other preparations that use oregano are safe. Yet, pregnant women should observe caution when using oregano oil. They should take it only after consulting with their doctor.

Oregano is available in the dried or fresh form in grocery stores. You can also grow it in a pot on a windowsill or balcony or in the garden.

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