The #1 Reason People Fail at Weight Loss

There are a lot of reasons that people fail in their weight loss attempts.

I bet you could name them all: No control of diet, not enough exercise or just neglecting the other factors that are holding back fat loss.

However, NONE of these factors rank as the top reason for failure at losing weight.

The number 1 reason they do not lose weight – They give up. That’s it.

Most people who make New Year resolutions to get the body of their dreams have given up on their goal by end February. Can you believe that?


They expected miracles in 2 months! They have been neglecting their health and fitness for years but expect to get into shape within 2 months just because they signed up for a gym membership and went for a few kickboxing classes.

Sorry. Your body does not work like that. The results come slowly but surely. Initially when you embark on a weight loss program, your eating habits will probably need to change.

Furthermore, you will need to embark on a consistent exercise program. All these are new habits.

New habits take time to form and there will always be initial resistance. This is what makes most people quit. They do not like the daily sacrifices they have to make by eating healthy.

It’s so much more fun to eat a doughnut than to give it up and eat an apple.

It is so much more fun to relax at home and watch television than to go out and run.

The easy way is so tempting. That’s why most people give in.

When they do not see results with their half-hearted attempts, they think that it’s all a waste of time and just give up.

Don’t do that.

Give yourself time to build the habits. Give your body time to adapt.


Even if it takes 6 months, stick with it and wait until you see results. These results will motivate you to do better and you will do better. That’s how all successful people make it.

We live in an age where people expect instant results. With technology, this can be achieved. You can microwave your food in seconds and order digital products online and receive those seconds later. However, there is no technology on the planet to make you lose weight immediately. The technology does not exist yet.

So, forget fast results.

You remember how the fable of The Tortoise and The Hare ends, right?

If you weigh 198 pounds, you should expect to lose about 1% of your body weight per week. That amounts to about 2 pounds per week. You may lose more initially, but in most cases, 1% per week is good progress.

So if you wish to drop 20 pounds, it’s going to take 10 weeks. Let’s not kid ourselves and expect to do it in 10 days.

Even if you starve yourself and exercise like crazy like they do in reality shows on TV, you are doing disservice to yourself.

It’s not healthy to crash diet or over exercise. Slow and steady wins the race.

The point to take away from this article is this – It takes time to get the body of your dreams.

If losing weight is a New Year resolution, keep AT it even if it reaches September… keep on keeping on. You will succeed.

Rome was not built in a day. Time, patience and consistence will always result in success.

Yours in Health,


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