7 Small Food Swaps that Make A Big Difference

Trying to live a healthier life sounds like a simple thing, but it can be a lot of work at first!

You have to learn new ways to do things and get rid of bad habits that have been with you for a long time.

When it comes to improving your diet, don’t make the mistake of trying to do too much at once. Just as you wouldn’t start a fitness routine by taking on a ten-mile run, changing your food habits a step at a time is more likely to bring success.

Food swaps are one of the best ways to do this. By finding things you’re eating now and swapping them for healthier versions, you can make a big difference. Here are a few to get you started.

7 Small Food Swaps that Give Big Results

1. Swap vegetable fats to healthier fats

jar of ghee oil healthier subsituteYou may think you’ve been doing well by using vegetable oil instead of butter when you cook. The truth is that there are healthier fats you can switch to.

Try coconut oil or ghee instead. Ghee is made from butter and contains a lot of vitamins.

And for the record, grass-fed butter is fine. You just want to eat all fats in moderation.

2. Toss the Sugary Cereal in Favor of Oatmeal

Cereal may be a fast and easy breakfast, but eating it means you’re taking in tons of sugar.

Most breakfast cereals give you a quick burst of energy that fades fast and leaves you more likely to binge on unhealthy foods later.

Instead, choose healthy oatmeal, and add some berries for sweetness.

If you’re worried about time, you can make a big batch and freeze it in small portions to defrost quickly.  Or try making overnight oats the night before using this yummy overnight oats recipe.

3. Replace Wheat bread with Ezekiel Bread

food swap ezekiel bread loaf healthy alternativeYou may love bread, but wheat has a high glycemic index. Swap for a delicious sprouted grain bread like Ezekiel bread. You can find it in the freezer case of almost every grocery store.

It's just as satisfying as wheat bread and will keep you feeling full longer without inflaming your gut the way wheat does.

4. Switch Table Salt to Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt

You should be keeping your sodium intake low, but if you do use salt, Himalayan crystal sea salt contains minerals and gives a gourmet taste.

5. Snack on Pumpkin Seeds Instead of Peanuts

Nuts are good for you, but most peanuts are highly salted and have lots of fat.

Pumpkin seeds can be roasted and flavored with whatever your favorite spice is. They are full of protein, magnesium and zinc.

6. Switch to a Healthier Tea

Do you drink tea? By switching from black leaf tea to a healthier tea like green tea or rooibos, you give yourself a big dose of healthy antioxidants that may cut back on your appetite.

7. Switch from Cocoa or Chocolate to Raw Cacao

food swap healthier raw cacao magnesium richWhen you’re baking and you see cocoa or chocolate chips in the recipe, use cacao instead.

All chocolate starts as cacao, but it has healthy benefits cooked out at high heat.

Raw cacao is much healthier. It contains magnesium, which lowers the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Cacao contains flavonoids, which cut inflammation and support heart health.

Here's an infographic to recap:

Small Food Swaps Big Difference Infographics

Here are 7 more easy food swaps that make a big difference!

Yours in health and happiness,


P.S. Please share these food swap ideas with your friends who want to live healthier and I welcome your comments below. Are any of these food swaps already in play at your house?