Skinny Thin Mint Cookie Smoothie

Well, it's that time of year again. Little smiling faces offering those tempting treats are at every turn!

It can be hard to resist the classic cookie favorites, believe me, I have my favorites too!

I still support my local troop but I let them keep their cookies which actually allows them to sell them again so, win-win.

If you find yourself having a hard time resisting those little green boxes, I have just the recipe for you at just the right time.

My Thin Mint Cookie Smoothie will satisfy your craving and power your body with energy and nutrients. Talk about guilt-free!

This is the ideal way to make your waistline and your taste buds happy.

The scouts say to always be prepared so buy the ingredients now and you will be ready!

Skinny Mint Smoothie recipe

Danette May Thin Mint Cookie SmoothieNutritional Information: 1 drink = (½ cup veggies, ½ cup fruit)

Yours In Health,


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