No Gym Work Out

Heathy Lifestyle Exper, Danette May, says you can get a full body workout at home, in just ten minutes!

Most of us want to maximize our time when it comes to getting lean and fit. Part of the battle is finding time and money to get the body of our dreams. Either we run out of time to go to the gym or we don't have the resources to pay for the gym membership.

What if I told you there were four exercises that engaged every muscle group that you could do that required no equipment and would save you time and money!

These four exercises are called the ‘No Gym Workout.' These exercises encompass the use of your own body weight. Essentially your body becomes your machine which ultimately burns more calories and shapes all your major muscle groups creating a long lean sculpted body.

1. Plank w/ knee twist: Place your body in a plank form and then pull your knee to the opposite elbow, rotating on each side. 16 repetitions total.
Muscles engaged: core, transverse abdominals, deep pelvic floor muscles, shoulders, back, triceps, and obliques

2. One Leg squat w/ upper body extension: Standing on one foot, squat back through your glutes, and then power up through the heal of your foot. Once leg is straight extend forward. 10 on each leg
Muscles engaged: core, quadriceps, glutes, stability muscles, and increases cardiovascular output

3. Squat jumps reaching for the sky: Start squatting very low, then power up through your legs as your arms extend reaching for the sky. 15 total
Muscles engaged: Max calories burned, all leg muscles, core, arms

4. Plank w/ push-up/alternating arm extension: Push up, then reach arm straight for the sky, alternating on each side: 12 total
Muscles engaged: core, abdominal muscles, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and rotator cuff.

Yours in Health,

Danette May