Tart And Sweet Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

A lot of people think watching your waistline means no more pancakes for breakfast but those people are wrong!

I eat pancakes for breakfast a lot and you can too if you just know which healthy ingredients to use.

This recipe is one of my favorites because I love the light lemony flavor. I wasn't sure it would taste good with pancakes but I play around with flavors a lot and sometimes I get a real winner! The original recipe and photo is from naturalsweetrecipes.com

I had to share this one with you so you could taste for yourself. Oh, and the kids will never even suspect these are “good for them” so make a batch this weekend for your family.

You can top them with some 100% pure maple syrup or raw honey if you like but I prefer to top mine with fruit and a dollop of Greek yogurt.

lemon ricotta pancakes

Yours in Health,


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