9 Herbs & Spices to Grow in Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

One of the best ways to add great flavor to food is by adding fresh herbs. But take a quick run to the market and you’ll see that tiny clippings of these plants can cost as much as your primary ingredients.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you can plant herbs in a sunny spot and pick your own throughout the warm months. Better yet, you can create an indoor herb garden and have fresh herbs all year long.

There are so many herbs to choose from. Some can be grown from seeds, while others can be started from cuttings. You may also want to go to a local garden center to buy a starter plant.

9 Best Herbs and Spices to Grow Indoors

1. Basil indoor herb garden

This plant is great in sauces, salads, and sandwiches. Basil will only live for a couple of months. After that, it will get too tall and stop growing leaves.

The good news is that you can harvest your own seeds from your plant and keep planting new ones.

2. Bay Laurel 

This is the plant that bay leaves come from. Pick the leaves and dry them. They’re great in soups and stews.

3. Chervil

 This classic French herb is great on eggs, carrots, and fish. Chop some up and throw it in your salad.

Chervil needs a deeper pot than most plants because it grows long tap roots.

4. Chives indoor herb garden

 This onion-like herb is great on baked potatoes and in eggs. It also makes a pretty garnish.

Keep it healthy by giving it a “crew cut” every couple of weeks. Cut it down to 2” and it will keep growing healthy and strong.

5. Mint

 Mint is a perennial in the garden. Plant it once and it will keep growing back.

When grown inside, it will throw off trailing roots, which makes them an especially pretty plant.

6. Oregano

 Oregano is popular in Italian and Greek dishes. It's actually a member of the mint family and grows easily as long as you don’t let it dry out. Give it plenty of light.

7. Parsley

If it seems like parsley shows up in most of your recipes, you’re right. It adds great flavor and color.

You can choose between flat-leaf or curly parsley. Both like deep pots and strong light.

8. Rosemary

 A little bit of rosemary goes a long way in soups, meat or chicken dishes, and especially roasted potatoes. The plant likes heat and direct sun.

9. Thyme indoor herb garden

Thyme is another great ingredient for fish, chicken, eggs, and vegetables. It likes a warm, sunny window.

However you start it, look for a sunny windowsill where you can start your indoor herb garden. Different windows get different exposures, and some are better for certain plants than others.

  • Windows that face south get the most sun and light. They're especially good for tropical and subtropical herbs like basil, oregano, rosemary, and thyme.
  • Windows that face east or west are cooler and get bright sun for about six hours. This works well for mint, parsley, chives, and chervil.
  • If you don’t have a good spot, you can invest in a grow light. Set it up within a foot of the plants and keep it on for 12 to 16 hours a day. Desktop models are available for less than $30.

Fresh herbs are such a delicious addition to any recipe, and they don't have to break the bank! Starting your own indoor herb garden can be a cheaper — and fun! — way to have fresh herbs all year long.

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