Fat Burning Blueberry Muffins

Fat-burning Blueberry Muffins RecipeOne of the things I love most about these muffins, besides the taste, is the shock value. When friends stop by and see muffins on my counter they always rib me and say…”I really thought you practice what your preach! Are those MUFFINS I see?” Imagine their reactions (100% of the time it ends with us sharing a muffin) when I tell them that these are not just ANY muffins, these are my fat-burning muffins. They have the right combination of lean protein with healthy carbs and fats to make them fondly known as “muffins that won't give you ‘muffin-top.'”

What's better is they taste every bit as good as their unhealthy counterparts BUT these muffins really satisfy your hunger and won't cause you to have cravings later like processed or sugary, white flour muffins will.  Here's the recipe:

Danette May Recipe

Nutritional Information: (2 muffins = 3 oz. protein, 1 tbsp. fat, ¼ cup fruit)

They're great to keep on hand for a portable snack or an impromptu Sunday morning brunch…or bring these to a party and watch the looks on YOUR friend's faces when they find out that eating healthy, whole foods will not only help them lose weight but will taste DELICIOUS!

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