Elderberries Can Boost Weight Loss & Immune System

Into natural health remedies? If so, you've probably heard of elderberry. It's a go-to remedy to treat colds and flu. But…did you know…elderberries boost weight loss too?

elderberry health benefits

Elderberry is full of nutrition goodness! 

  • Rich in antioxidants it's a natural tonic to boost immune health. 
  • It's super rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. 
  • Elderberries are high in iron, potassium, copper and vitamins A, B and C in particular. For instance, it provides more vitamin C than other plant sources. 

A whopping 87% of the daily value of vitamin C can be found in one cup of elderberries!

As if that weren't enough it's also packed with beneficial plant compounds. They can help wounds heal faster, improve skin health and more. 

5 Health Benefits of Elderberry 

1. Helps People with Diabetes

Elderberries improve insulin secretion and lower blood sugar. They help transport excess sugar from the blood to the muscles and liver. This action promotes healthy blood sugar

2. Eases Allergies

Elderberry helps reduce pain, swelling and redness. It calms and relieves allergies. Its natural compounds protect cells. 

elderberry boost immune system liver detox

4. Supports Liver & Skin Health  

Elderberry flowers can help detoxify the body and assist in proper liver function. The anti-inflammatory action protects the liver. And the antioxidants improve blood flow to the skin. 

5. Immune booster 

The antioxidants in elderberry stimulate the immune system. This helps fight off cold and flu symptoms. 

Elderberries can benefit you in many ways, and are like magic berries! Given its many physiological benefits, elderberry may also support weight loss. 

Here's what we know so far…

Research on Elderberries and Weight Loss 

A study from the University of Freiburg says elderberries help in weight loss. Researchers found that elderberry juice along with asparagus extract helps to lose weight.

They found it also improved blood pressure, mental and physical states. 

Another study found that eating elderberries was beneficial to obese people. According to the study, it reduces inflammation and improves blood flow.

research prove elderberry help weight loss immune systemThese two factors help to promote weight loss. People with low inflammation have a lower risk of weight gain and other conditions.

These findings reveal that elderberries may help with weight loss in two ways: 

  • Blood sugar balance 
  • Lower inflammation

Poor blood sugar levels and chronic inflammation are a recipe for weight gain. The nutrients in elderberries address both these issues, promoting weight loss. 

Who Should NOT Eat Elderberries?

Elderberries are safe to eat. Yet, the National Institute of Health recommends the following:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it.
  • Talk to your doctor if you take blood sugar medications.
  • Those with allergies may develop rashes.
  • People with kidney issues should be cautious as it has diuretic effects. 

Keep in mind, only a few species of elderberries are edible. Be sure to buy from a licensed and reputed store. Elderberries with its rich mineral and vitamin profile is a great weight loss aid. Look to elderberries as a tool and not as a magic bullet for weight loss. 

Most prefer to find a reputable brand that offers Elderberry syrup. Be sure to look for a brand that doesn't add sugar. You can usually find this in a health food store.  This can be used the same way you would use cough syrup and it does the trick for my family during cold & flu season.

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