Chocolate Apple Protein Bars

If you're like me and don't want to sacrifice good nutrition but might want to take advantage of an extra 30-minute snooze, I have the solution.

My 2 girls really love these and I can feel good about them reaching for these since they're loaded with protein and a much better way to start the day than one of those sugar-coated toaster pastries.

On Sunday's I just whip up a batch of these to keep on hand for the week and OH, How my girls love these!

Only 5 ingredients for the Chocolate Apple Protein Bars– yes, that says chocolate 😉

Chocolate Protein Bar Recipe



Nutritional Information: 1 nutrition bar (3 oz. protein, ¼ cup carbs, 1 tbs. fat, minimal fruit)

Move over Kool-Aid Mom, Protein Bar Mom is in town!

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