Vanilla Chai Spice Smoothie

I love to play around with different ingredients in my smoothies and I just made the most yummy Smoothie EVER! Super yummy, like to die for delicious!

One of the reasons I love this smoothie is because all the ingredients will make your skin and organs glow! Ginger is detoxifying, great for clearing blemishes, and helps with inflammation in your gut.

Dark greens are a great liver detox, cleaning the liver makes it easier for the body to release unwanted body fat.

Clove spice: Some say this spice is one of the healthiest in the world. Helps fight environmental toxins and helps with inflammation in your joints.

Cinnamon helps fight bacteria and controls blood sugar-which increases immunity.

Nutmeg is a natural stimulate and and pain reliever.

Raw almond butter is a great fat that will help you release stubborn body fat!  It will help keep you feeling fuller longer too!

This smoothie tastes like a Christmas treat in my mouth!  Don't wait to try it, you will LOVE this drink!!

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