Are You an Entrepreneur? Or Building a Dream? Here Are My Top 3 Tips For Overcoming Setbacks.

If you're an entrepreneur or you're building a dream of any kind, you already know that the road toward your goals isn't always paved in gold.


Things go wrong. Plans turn upside down. There are setbacks.

But the dream was placed in your heart for a reason and no way can you just quit on it or throw up your hands when things get too tough.


I've been an entrepreneur for many years and so has my husband, Craig. We've definitely seen our ups and downs when it comes to business and dream-catching. But I know what's on the other side when you push through all the hard stuff and I want that goodness for YOU too.


That's why I've created an episode of The Danette May Show all around overcoming obstacles in business, or on the way to your dream. I give you my Top 3 Tips, plus a behind-the-scenes example of how I've used this in my own business.

Tune in now to watch CACAO and leave me a comment with your favorite takeaway. And let me know what kind of business YOU are working on too. I'd love to hear about it!


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