How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain (and why it happens)

Are your winter clothes the same size as your summer clothes? Or do they run a size or two bigger, because you tend to gain a few pounds in the colder months?

If so, you’re not alone.

Most people gain between 5 and 7 pounds between the fall and the spring, and there are lots of reasons why.

From holiday parties to not wanting to exercise in the cold, it’s easy to let yourself go a little bit when the winter months roll around. After all, it’s not like anybody is going to see you in a bathing suit – you’re all bundled up in sweaters!

The truth is that the annual weight gain is not good for you, especially if you don’t end up losing it when the warmer months roll around.

Top 5 Reasons You Gain Weight in the Winter (tips to make this year different)

1. Baby, it’s cold outside! woman running in winter mountains reasons gain weight winter

There's no doubt that it's harder to get yourself to go for a walk or run when the weather outside is frightful – or at least cold.

But as any year-round runner will tell you, you just need to get the right gear and get out there. Your body will warm up after a few minutes, and you’ll feel extra proud knowing that you braved the elements. Here's how I stay motivated to go to the gym on snow days.

2. The bed is so nice and warm!

The winter days are shorter and it’s easy to just stay under your warm covers and snooze.

But when you are extra sedentary it’s easy to pack the pounds on.

Plus, if you let yourself sleep in for too many days it can mess with your sleep schedule and you’ll end up with insomnia. Lack of quality sleep also leads to unwanted weight gain. Set the alarm and get out of bed when you’re supposed to.

3. The Holidays.

Need I say more? holiday cookies and sweets reasons gain weight winter

As soon as Halloween rolls around with its abundance of candy, we all seem to dive into sweets and fat-laden foods. Just because you’re celebrating doesn’t mean you should drop your healthy eating habits.

If you’re invited to a party and you’re afraid you’ll indulge, eat some high fiber, healthy vegetables before you go. If you’re full, you won’t be as tempted.

And don’t forget that when you’re celebrating, those adult beverages really add up. Opt for seltzer with a slice of lime.

4. Cold weather food tends to be loaded with fat.

They call it comfort food for a reason. Most of the foods that we like to eat when it’s chilly outside tend to be loaded with starch and butter.

There are some good cooking hacks to make your favorite comfort foods healthier yet still taste amazing!

If you’re looking for something to warm you down to your soul, make up a pot of vegetable soup, or a healthy turkey chili.

5. Less fresh produce. brussel sprouts reasons gain weight winter

There’s no doubt that once the weather turns cold, you’re a lot less apt to run across a farm stand, and your favorite fruit may no longer be available – or it may have gotten incredibly costly. But there are still plenty of great options available.

Try something new. Lots of cold weather vegetables like brussels sprouts, kale, and spinach are loaded with nutrients, and delicious too.

Yours in health and happiness,


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