5 Best Places To Find Clean Ingredients

You already know clean eating will

  • energize you
  • detoxify and
  • boost your immune health.

The question now is, WHERE do you find clean ingredients?!

Many local grocers have started stocking healthier items but the selection is often very limited.

The good news is…With so many online tools available out there, finding clean ingredients can be easy.

I'll even share a way for you to get $18 worth of organic freebies today so keep reading.

Keeping clean ingredients on hand eat to and use everyday will make your life so much healthier.

First, here are 3 things you WON'T GET by shopping clean.

1. No endocrine disrupting chemicals:

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals interfere with your

  • hormones
  • immune health and
  • disrupt fertility and development in children and adults.

Common sources

  • Meat
  • canned foods
  • fish
  • milk and its products
  • cleaning supplies
  • cosmetics and many more.

2.  No toxic chemicals

  • Parabens
  • sodium lauryl sulfates(SLS)
  • formaldehyde are common in cosmetics like facial moisturizers, sunscreens, shampoos etc.

Common sources

  • Facial cleansers
  • nail polishes
  • body washes etc

3. No Synthetic colors

Synthetic colors are present in SO many products that I can't begin to list them all.

Product labels containing the codes FD&C or D&C are synthetic colors made from coal tar and petroleum dyes.

Synthetic colors are well known cancer-causing agents and are suspected in conditions like ADHD.

Common sources

  • Cologne
  • chocolates
  • cakes
  • jellies
  • and most packaged and pre-made foods.

These are just a few from a long list of known toxins.

You're in luck if you live in an area where health minded  stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's a plentiful. Many readers do not.

Here are 5 great places to shop for clean ingredients.

1. Local Harvest

Local Harvest is a local organic food hub that connects people to their local resources. It features products that are clean, organic and aims at encouraging sustainable food choices.


2. Thrive Market 

Thrive market is a wholesale site for organic and clean items. I've been a member for over a year and I love it!

There is a free 30 day membership to get you started. A great place to try new, organic products that are clean and safe for consumption.

Even better for you…


Thrive is offering a free jar of high quality, organic coconut oil (just pay shipping) to all of my readers today! Hurry though, supplies are limited.


3. Eat Wild

Eatwild's Directory of Farms lists more than 1,400 pasture-based farms, with more farms being added weekly. It is the most comprehensive source for grass-fed meat and dairy products in the United States and Canada.


4. Costco Wholesale

If you are looking to buy some organic produce in bulk, Costco is economical and you get quality products for a great price.

Bear in mind this does not apply for packaged products and supplements sold here you still have to fish around for clean ingredients.

5. Amazon.com

It is the largest online market for buying literally anything you wish. They ship everything from diapers to clothing to food.

Take advantage of the search box to find clean ingredients. Using keywords like ”organic” , ”non-GMO” , ”EWG-approved” can get you to the right products.

If you are an amazon prime member you are eligible for free shipping on certain items.

Get the most out of these tools and empower yourself to make the healthiest choices every day. Happy shopping!

Yours in Health,


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