4 Things Happen When You Take Activated Charcoal

I tried taking charcoal for the first time and I'm not talking about the charcoal you use on your BBQ either. Activated charcoal is much different.

It's often overlooked but activated charcoal can go a long way towards helping you feel your best. If you’ve never tried charcoal, you might want to after you read this.

How does it work?

Charcoal works in the body by trapping toxins and chemicals in your system. It binds them to its surface and then flushes them out.

Think of it as a detox tool that removes toxic substances and fast.  That's why it's often used for poisoning or potential drug overdoses.

Charcoal offers a few other benefits that may surprise you too!

4 Perks You Get From Activated Charcoal

1. Teeth Whitening 

It's crazy to think this black chalky stuff could whiten teeth but it does! Putting charcoal on your teeth can do wonders for whitening.

Charcoal helps to remove stains from coffee, tea, wine and even berries. All this, while promoting healthier teeth and gums.

Simply wet a toothbrush and then dip it into powdered activated charcoal. Brush your teeth as normal, making sure that you're putting extra attention around those areas that are stained. Swish with some water and then spit out.

You’ll have pearly whites in no time.

Keep in mind if you have crowns or porcelain veneers, check with your dentist first as the charcoal could stain certain kinds of dental work.

2. Minimizes Gas/Bloating 

Feeling a little bloated or gassy after your last meal? That’s nothing that some charcoal can’t fix. Activated charcoal can help to trap the gas that your body is making and remove it from your system.


To put this to use, take 500 mg of charcoal one hour before eating with a large glass of water. Drink a second glass of water after you eat.

3. Improved Digestion

Charcoal is also excellent for aiding digestion. This leads to more fat loss as well.

Activated charcoal can remove any toxins in your digestive track that are:

  • causing you to have low energy
  • slowing down brain function
  • stopping your body from absorbing nutrients.

By adding charcoal to your day every so often, you’ll keep your digestive track in good working order. That means you get more from all the foods you eat, resulting in:

  • less hunger
  • better nutrient use
  • more weight loss

3. Lower Cholesterol Levels

Charcoal may help bring your cholesterol numbers to a safe and healthy range.

Some studies showed that charcoal can help to lower bad cholesterol by as much as 41% and bring up good cholesterol by up to 8%. That compares to prescription drugs.

It’s important to talk to your doctor before using charcoal because it can react with some medications.

You may have never thought of using charcoal to improve health, but it could give you just the boost you need. I know I liked it!

Yours in Health,


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