4 Problems With Flavored Water Drops

Struggling to get your 8-10 glasses of water in each day?

If so, you may think the easy solution to reach that goal is to simply add in some flavored water drops.

These drops come in a variety of flavors – peach, iced tea, coconut, berry, lemon-lime and best of all, are often touted as a weight loss aid. Fact is, it's more like drinking adult kool-aid.

But are these really helpful?

Before you squeeze those drops into your next bottle of water, there are a few things that you should consider.

I had been searching for healthy water drops but kept running into the same problems. After a lot of label reading, I finally found one I like. I'll share that with you in a minute.

4 Problems With Most Flavored Water Drops

1. Sugar-Free? not usually

You may think these are completely sugar free, but take note that not all are. Be careful about which you are buying as often, they do contain sugar and will drive your blood glucose levels up.

This can then create a rush of insulin into your system, setting you up for weight gain and even  diabetes down the road.

2. Safe And Healthy? not always

You'd think these are safe and healthy. After all, what harm could a few drops do?


Take a look at the ingredients in that bottle. Chances are, you can’t pronounce half of them (that's never a good sign!).

These flavor drops are often loaded with artificial dyes not to mention chemicals to make them taste better.

You’re basically putting a foreign substance in your body that isn't designed to be processed by your digestive tract.

That can’t be healthy.

3. Artificial Sweetener Overload? you betcha

So you’ve found one that’s made without sugar. You figure you’re home-free. Not so fast. The problem still remains that these flavor drops will then likely contain artificial sweeteners.

This can come with a lot of problems.

This includes causing headaches, joint pain, foggy brain, lack of focus, fatigue, stomach upset, and many more – just to name a few.

Artificial sweeteners are something that you should aim to avoid. They just aren’t an ideal option for someone who wants to live healthfully.

4. The Jolt Of Energy You Get? straight caffeine

Some of these flavor drops also claim that they provide fast energy when you need it. But, how are they providing this energy?

Often, it’s with a good hit of caffeine. Caffeine, used at the right times and in moderation can help produce more energy.

The fact is that too much caffeine (especially if you’re squeezing it into nearly every glass of water you drink!) will just wear your system down and make you feel worse than you felt before.

Caffeine is powerful so don’t over-estimate it. Use the drops too often and they'll have the opposite effect on your body, causing you to be more fatigued than ever before.

So don’t be too sure about the flavored water drops and read the labels carefully!

So far, I've only found one all-natural solution that I like.

I recently tried Pure Inventions (check out their site, I love the Pomegranate + Acai Berry) and loved them!

They make healthy water drops (with antioxidants) that are free from sugar, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, chemicals and dyes. I feel good about using these and I love the flavors!

Yours in Health,


P.S. Please share this with your flavored water loving friends and I love to read your comments below.