Clean Strawberry Shortcake

Isn't the smell of fresh strawberries intoxicating?!

I know strawberry season is in full swing in many parts of the US and that means one thing will be tempting a lot of you this month….strawberry shortcake.

Strawberries are a very sugary fruit and adding a heavy, sugared short cake doesn't do the waistline any favors. It's called shortcake because it's traditionally made with shortening but this recipe uses a healthier fat and eliminates white sugar. It's gluten free too!

This is a real treat and a great tasting version of the classic. You'll want to enjoy this one in moderation if you are on a weight loss journey. It's a perfect clean dessert to celebrate a special occasion!

Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Danette May Clean Strawberry Shortcake


For even more health benefits, find a local strawberry picking farm and harvest your own ingredients. It's a great activity for toning your legs and glutes.

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