4 Reasons Your Next Smoothie Needs Maca

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to

  • get an energy boost
  • increase stamina
  • balance hormones  and
  • sexual function on your way to better health and vitality

Read on….

Maca, native to the Andes Mountains in Peru, is regarded as a superfood of one of the oldest civilizations  in the world: the Incas.

The indigenous Peruvians have long considered this tuber (a root plant like a  potato) to be beneficial for energy, endurance and hormone health.

It was traditionally harvested by Andean farmers, and often exchanged for staples like rice, corn and quinoa. And, there’s even some speculation that maca, being a central part of the diet of the Incans.

It even played a part in providing the strength to the ancient people who built Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders Of The World.


Considering that they had to hoist 20-ton rocks up those steep mountains and put them into place as temple walls, that’s saying a lot!

So what is maca exactly?

This root plant actually looks like a robust radish, but it has a nutty, earthy flavor that can be added to all sorts of foods and beverages.

This makes it quite simple to add to your diet. In fact, it’s a perfect complement to a smoothie – or for blending in your morning coffee.

Many people report a subtle, yet noticeable energy boost not long after consuming it.


There have been some limited studies to back up these claims too. Some randomized clinical trials have shown it not only has favorable effects on energy, but on mood as well.

Researchers have also found that maca may help decrease anxiety and improve sexual desire.

That sure is a lot of benefits from one odd looking tuber!

The majority of research to date focused on maca has been related to hormone health and sexual function.

Studies have shown, and many women testify, that it can be especially effective at fighting PMS and menopause symptoms.

It may also help to reduce cramps, hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. Maca is widely used for supporting healthy sexual function in women as well as men.

It boosts the libido and increases endurance as well as fertility.  Many studies have discovered that it may increase sperm count and sperm quality.

Maca is a nutrition powerhouse too!

A 100 gram serving contains:

♦ 14 grams of protein

♦ 7 grams of fiber

♦ 475% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C

♦ 25% of your daily calcium requirements

♦ 57% of the recommended amount for vitamin B6 and

♦ 82% for iron.

It almost sounds too good to be true, right? Fortunately it’s not!

There are no serious known side effects of maca.

Like any other supplement, you don’t want to take it in large amounts. When you first start adding it to your diet, begin with a small amount – about ½ teaspoon, working up to one to two teaspoons per day.

It should go without saying that you should also balance your use of superfoods like maca with a healthy diet.  Include plenty of whole foods like fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds.

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