2 Things you can do Today to Improve Gut Health (and it Won’t Cost you a Penny)!

blue representation of intestines for good gut healthGut health is all the rage these days, and for good reason! Since the health of your gut affects everything from your immunity to your skin, mood, libido, sleep, and more, it’s clear to see why taking care of your gut is crucial to taking care of YOU.

While there are supplements you can take and gut health meal plans you can follow, I’m going to share with you two simple tricks you can start TODAY to improve your gut health.


Gut Health Hack #1 – Chew Slowly


It’s not just WHAT you eat that affects gut health, it’s also HOW you eat.

Since the digestive process begins in the mouth, taking more time to grind your food lightens the load on your gut.  

Eating slowly can also help you beat the stress of rushing through a meal to get on with your day. And since stress is also a major player in gut health, taking time to be mindfully present and focusing on your meal, the flavors, and your thoughts (or your companions, if you’re dining with others), is key.


One more (big!) thing: taking your time at the table can also lead to weight loss or management. Since it takes your body about 20 minutes to register that you’re full, when you eat slowly, you allow your brain to catch up with your stomach… and squelch overeating.

Gut Health Hack #2 – Drink Warm Water


warm water to help gut healthWater is water, right?

Not really!

Evidence shows that drinking warm water can sooth your gut, enhance digestion, help regulate circulation, and support your body in ridding itself of toxins faster.


Drinking cold water, on the other hand, causes our blood vessels to constrict, asking our body to expend extra energy to restore the body’s core temperature of 98.6°F. This creates an imbalance in the body and slows down the digestive process.


Cold water can also solidify the fats we’ve consumed, making those harder to digest. Who needs that?!


Start Today — Your Gut Will Thank You


Incorporating these two easy (and free!) tips into your day can help balance your gut’s microbiome and support a welcoming environment for good gut bacteria to thrive. Give them a try and show your gut the love it deserves, so it will love you back!


What's one gut health symptom you experience that you want to cure? Let me know in the comments below. Maybe I can help!

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